FreedomBox for Communities

Logo of Freedom Box
Logo of Freedom Box



FreedomBox for Communities is a creative adaptation of the FreedomBox server software and other free software servers for use in community Wi-Fi networks. The goal is to build community-owned and community-maintained wireless networks that can reduce dependence on both the centralized telephone networks as well as the cloud services provided by big Internet companies. It is a combination of hardware and free software that can provide for all the digital needs of a community. It also helps in keeping the data private and within the community and thus can be used in situations where data privacy is critical, like in hospitals and law firms.


  1. About This Book
  2. Introduction to FreedomBox
  3. FreedomBox Setup
  4. Network Setup
    1. Network Configuration
    2. Internet connectivity using a Point-to-Point Wireless Link
    3. Internet connectivity using an ADSL Modem
    4. Wi-Fi Towers
    5. Wi-Fi Roaming
    6. Performance Measurement
  5. Services Setup
    1. Messaging and VOIP
    2. Media Streaming
    3. Digital Library
    4. Offline Wikipedia
    5. Wiki
    6. More Use Cases (Social Network, Microblogging, Discussion Board)
  6. Maintenance
    1. Remote Connection
    2. Monitoring Client
    3. Monitoring Server
    4. Maintenance Team
    5. Building Disk Images
    6. Troubleshooting Guide