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Math Facts WorksheetsEdit


  Info:Present one to three lines as follows: "When I give a problem, you give me the answer. One times two. What's the answer?" If you hear any student give the wrong answer, immediately correct the answer and repeat the question. Then go back 2 and start again.

Present the worksheet.

One student has the worksheet and another has the answers.

Ensure students can write 40 answers per minute. If a student is suspected of having motor issues, test the student's handwriting. Ensure the student can write 40 numbers (one and two digit) in one minute. If not, it might be better to have students practice by saying the entire problem and answer.

Have students work for 2 minutes or until they have finished the practice session. Then do the timing for one minute (40 correct problems). If students are able to do the practice without many mistakes but are unable to do 40 problems in one minute, then break up the timings into 15 second sessions. Do 15 second sessions until student is able to do 30 second sessions, then build to 45 second sessions, then one minute. Build slowly. Do not repeat the same timings in one session more than twice. If the student is able to pass all four subsections with 15 second timings, test for the 30 second timing. If the student cannot pass the 30 second timing, move on and consider it passed. Don't bore the student. Students should be able to pass within 1 or 2 test tries. If the student continues to fail the test, go back to the practice and ensure the correction procedures are being done. The student might be learning one or math facts wrong by practicing those wrong.

During practice, ensure the correction procedure is done fully. Correction procedure involves:

  1. The teacher or partner giving the correct answer
  2. The student repeating the full problem and answer correctly
  3. The student going back 1-3 problems
  4. If another incorrect answer is given during the correction procedure, start at number 1 and go back another 1-3 problems