FreeNAS/Distributions/FreeNAS 0.7 (Khasadar)

Friday, 6 November 2009

Major changes edit

  • Add ability to configure the login shell for a user.
  • Upgrade Samba to 3.0.37.
  • Upgrade transmission to 1.72.
  • Local users must join the group 'ftp' to be able to login via FTP if 'Local users only' in 'Services|FTP' is enabled.
  • Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.23.
  • Add a user portal. This allows a local user to login and change it's password. The user must have access permissions to login to the user portal. This can be configured in the user configuration WebGUI. Please note that the administrator needs to apply changes done by the local users because there have to be restarted several services (which is not allowed to be done by a user).
  • Upgrade ProFTPD to 1.3.2a.
  • Upgrade iSCSI initiator to 2.2.3.
  • Upgrade fusefs-ntfs/ntfs-3g to 2009.4.4.
  • Announce AFP shares using Bonjour/ZeroConf (FR 2839592). Thanks to Morton Jonuschat.
  • Add AFP FP_SYNCFORK command support (FR 2836955). Thanks to Morton Jonuschat for the patch.
  • Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.8.
  • Add Adaptec AACRAID 32/64-bit driver to v5.2.0 Build 17517.
  • Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.14.10.
  • Upgrade fuppes to SVN-0.640.

Minor changes edit

  • Set transmission umask to 0002 per default. This can be customize via the 'Services|BitTorrent' WebGUI or the rc.conf variable 'transmission_umask' (FR 2813791).
  • Add ixgbe driver to i386 kernel.
  • Add ixgb driver to AMD64 kernel (BR 2813759).
  • Add support for Blowfish 448 bits encryption (FR 2816028).
  • Add configuration option in 'Services|BitTorrent' to enable/disable usage of distributed hash table (DHT).
  • Add /usr/bin/getopt command (FR 2824548).
  • Add extra options for S.M.A.R.T. in 'Disks|Management|Disk|Edit' (FR 2824730).
  • Add RAID1 balance algorithm 'prefer' (FR 2833989).
  • Add Latvian language support. Thanks to the translators.
  • Update Quixplorer Russian translation (BR 2841900). Thanks to Alexey Sannikov.
  • Add 'Max. login attempts' to 'Services|FTP' (FR 2844193).
  • Get AFP dbd cnid scheme working (BR 2844900).
  • Set 'dir-listing.encoding = "utf-8"' for the webserver directory listing (FR 2872624).
  • Display volume serial number in 'Disks|Management' (FR 2881880).
  • Now it is possible to configure iSCSI-Targets for export: removable media (static & dynamic size), pass-through devices. Thanks to Vasily Chalykh.

Bug fixes edit

  • Prohibit user 'transmission' to login via FTP.
  • ZPool disk space usage isn't displayed correctly (BR 2810584).
  • Improved Unison WebGUI to be able to configure ZFS shares as working directory (BR 2795084).
  • Synchronizing ZFS configuration fails (BR 2814324).
  • Restrict bittorrent administrative WebGUI port to [1024,65535] (BR 2835342).
  • The 'Unmount disk/partition' checkbox on 'Disks|Mount Point|Fsck' was ignored (BR 2860297).