Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Posting an Article and Posting a Picture

Posting an article

  • Go to the page where you want to post
  • Click "edit this page"
  • Type away.
  • Play around with the editing tools above the window (putting your mouse on top of the icons will tell you what each button does)

    Posting a picture you have stored on your computer


    Step 1

    Step 1 is to upload the picture file to Wikibooks:

    • 1. Under the toolbox menu on the left click on Upload file
    • 2. Browse to find the picture you want to use - this should appear in the Source line
    • 3. Name the picture and write it down exactly as you have named it - this goes in the Destination file name
    • 4. Select the proper copyright/license information (Remember NOT to use any images that are copyrighted. Use images you took yourself or ones that are in the public domain, the creative commons, or from other copyleft sources) - if you took the picture yourself - look for the recommended license-
    • 5. Hit upload file

    Step 2

    Step 2 is to place the image where you want it in Wikibooks

    • 1. Go to the page when you want to post your picture
    • 2. Click edit this page
    • 3. Click the icon of the picture in the tool box at the top of the editing window (this is the 6th button from the left - it will insert this text: bracket bracket colon example.jpg bracket bracket
    • 4. Replace example.jpg with the name of your picture
    • 5. Click "save page" and see if your picture comes up
    • Here is a picture of my son (click edit this page to see my code)

    Step 3

    Step 3: Make the image the size you want and place it on the left, the right or the center

    • 1. You can control the size of your picture by saying how many pixels you want it to be. This picture of my son is 300 pixels. To do this - add a vertical line (look on the keyboard above the enter key) then the number of pixels you want the image to be and then the abbreviation px for pixels e.g. Image:Donovan1.jpg|300px - this would be inside the double brackets
    • 2. You can place the image on the left, right or center. To do this add a vertical line (shift + the key above enter) and the word left, right or center e.g. Image:Donovan1.jpg|300px|right - this would be inside the double brackets
    • Here is my son smaller and on the right
      Donovan, age 3

    Step 4

    Step 4: You can add a caption to your picture

    If you want a title to appear when you put the mouse over the image, you need to only add the title at the end of your image file - after a vertical line and before the closing brackets (e.g. Image:Donovan1.jpg|100px|right|Donovan, age 3 - this would be inside the double brackets). If you want an actual caption to appear I have found only two ways to do this:

  • 1. Make the image a thumbnail - then you can add a caption
  • To do this add the word |thumb| after the image name and add a caption by typing a title before the closing bracket
  • e.g.(this would all be inside the double brackets) Image:image name.jpg|thumb|150px|left|Donovan, age 3
  • see my example below
    Donovan, age 3
  • 2. Put the image into a table - then you can add color, text, etc.
  • You can control whether the table is centered, right aligned or left aligned (mine is centered, see the code that says ALIGN="center"
  • You can control the size of the table (mine is 40% of the page, WIDTH = 40%)
  • You can control the color and size of the border (color = pink - FFBDBD; size = 5px)and background (cream - FFFFCC), the width of the padding in the background (padding:1em)
  • You can control whether the caption is centered or aligned to the left or right (I have it centered - you can see I have "center" typed in <> before my title
    Donovan, age 3.

    Here's a link to a webpage that lists the codes for lots of different colors


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