Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/How to Use This Book/Editor Duty Descriptions

Editor Duty


Writing a textbook involves two processes: authoring and editing. You will participate in both. As an author you will make substantial contributions to the content of our textbook. You will write a wikibook article: either a content article or a special feature. As an editor, you will help edit that content, deciding what gets into our official text. Additionally, as an editor you will help to summarize the content of our text to make reading and reviewing the contents easier for readers.

The Editing Process

You will sign up to edit a specific chapter. You will select a specific Editor Duty to complete within that chapter.

You will read and rate all of the articles in that chapter which will determine which articles become part of the official text and which will also determine students' grades on those articles.

After you read and rate all the articles in the chapter, you will perform an Editor Duty which will help to summarize the content in that chapter.

Editor Duties


There are three Editor Duties for each chapter. You will select one to complete.

  • Chapter Introduction
  • Chapter Review
  • Additional Resources

Chapter Introduction:

This Editor Duty includes two parts: writing a 1-2 paragraph introduction and adding a chapter picture.

Write 1-2 paragraphs that introduce the reader to the main topic of the chapter. You may want to start with an attention-getter, perhaps a quotation, question or scenario. Present some of the topics that will be discussed in the chapter and give an overview of what the reader can expect to learn.

Select and post a picture/image for the chapter. The picture/image should correspond to the content of the chapter. If appropriate, provide an explanation or description. In addition to photographs, the image could be a cartoon, drawing or other visual image. Remember, like all images posted to Wikibooks, you must have made the image yourself or used an image from the public domain.

Chapter Review

Write 1 paragraph briefly summarizing the issues discussed in the chapter highlighting important terms, concepts or ideas and drawing some conclusions regarding the main points teachers need to understand on the topic.

Copy and paste all the learning targets from the officially selected articles (this includes the content articles AND all the Special Feature articles) into the Chapter Review. Edit these learning targets as needed to make them well-defined, measurable objectives.

Copy and paste all the multiple-choice questions from the officially selected articles (this includes the content articles AND all the Special Feature articles) into the Chapter review. Edit/remove questions as needed. All included questions should be of high quality, meaning:

  • they test important information (the learning targets)
  • they are clearly worded
  • they have one correct answer and three reasonable distractors (incorrect response options)
  • they adhere to the guidelines for writing multiple-choice questions.

These questions will be entered into the Quiz database and used in the Quizzes and may be selected to be on the midterm or final exam.

Remember, as you modify multiple-choice questions, you must be sure to modify them not only in the Chapter Review, but also in the content articles from which the questions were drawn. Likewise, you must be sure that your modifications to multiple-choice questions do not conflict with the information in the content articles from which the questions were drawn.

Additional Resources

Provide links to additional resources students can refer to on this topic if they have questions or would like to learn more. These resources will most likely be web links but could also be print sources or people to contact. For each link provided, write a short description explaining what the resource is and why students may want to access it. The resources should either help students understand material related to the topic of the chapter or provide additional related information that may help students in their path to licensure or later in their own classrooms.