Forensic sciences: Effects of stress and perturbations on soil communities

The aim of this book is to expand knowledge in forensic sciences. For this purpose, effects of a pig cadaver, blood and manure (which are both body fluids) on the belowground fauna, especially testate amoebae, have been evaluated. Indeed, when a body dies, internal changes occur, but it also significantly alter the environment around the dead body, especially the soil and its organisms. This first experiment is summarized in this wikibooks but, in terms, further studies should complement it with new research on the effect of a cadaver on the soil fauna.

Euglypha compressa fleeing a dead pig's head!
Euglypha compressa fleeing a dead pig's head!

This wikibook has been initiated by Bachelor students during a one month experiment, as part of an educational project, with the intent to improve its content over the course of several years.

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Materials and methods

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