Florence Earle Coates Guide-Book/T


Thanksgiving (Now gracious plenty rules the board,)

Thanksgiving (Thou that dost save through pain,) (see Giving Thanks)

Their Victory Won

There's a Spot in the Mountains

They live so long

They told me

Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836–1907)

Though Thou Hast Climbed

Through the Rushes

Through the Window


The "Titanic"—Aftermath

To a Poet

To Alice Meynell

To Britannia

To England

To France (1894)

To Helen Keller

To Henry Mills Alden

To him who found me sleeping, all my soul

To Hope

To Horace Howard Furness (dedication poem from The Unconquered Air, and Other Poems)

To John Luther Long, on seeing his opera "Madame Butterfly" (see To the Author of "Madame Butterfly")

To One in Hospital Pent

To Poverty

To R. R.: On Rereading the "De Profundis" of Oscar Wilde

To Sappho Dead

To the Author of "Madame Butterfly" (On Seeing the Opera)

To the Muse. Lippincott's v. 59 p. 414 (March 1897); 1898 p. 2; 1916 v. 1 p. 3. As "Poetry" in Lippincott's and 1898. Punctuation differences.

One spot of green, watered by hidden streams,
Makes summer in the desert where it gleams;
  And mortals, gazing on thy heavenly face,
Forget the woes of earth, and share thy dreams!

To the Returning Brave (Come home! The Land that sent you forth) (same as Welcome, 1904)

To the Tsar (1890)

To the Victor

To William Butler Yeats



A Tomb in Tuscany

The Tomb said to the Rose—After the French of Victor Hugo

Too Late


A Traveller from Altruria (He came to us with dreams to sell—) (same as The Singer, 1916)

True Love

Two Brothers