Florence Earle Coates Guide-Book/P


The "Penseur" (On Seeing the Famous Statue)

Per Aspera

Perdita (on Seeing Miss Anderson in the Rôle)




The Pilgrim

Pilgrim Song


Place de la Concorde (August 14, 1914

Poems: After George F. Watts (see After the Paintings by George F. Watts)

The Poet

Poetry. ("One spot of green, watered by hidden streams") See "To the Muse".

Poetry (Contemplative and fair, with look divine,)

The Poetry of Earth

Poor Icarus

"Poor Love!" said Life

President M'Kinley


Probation. Lippincott's v. 36 p. 146; 1898 p. 3; 1916 v. 1 p. 8. "—— tears that seasoned excellence bring" (Lippincott's, line 4). No stanza break after line 6 (Lippincott's). Punctuation differences.

Full slow to part with her best gifts is Fate;
The choicest fruitage comes not with the spring,
But still for summer's mellowing touch must wait,—
For storms and tears, which season'd excellence bring;
And Love doth fix his joyfullest estate
In hearts that have been hushed 'neath Sorrow's brooding wing.

Youth sues to Fame: coldly she answers, "Toil!"
He sighs for Nature's treasures: with reserve
Responds the goddess, "Woo them from the soil."
Then fervently he cries, "Thee will I serve,—
Thee only, blissful Love!" With proud recoil
The heavenly boy replies, "To serve me well, deserve!"