Florence Earle Coates Guide-Book/L

Lament of Brünhilde

L'Amour fait Peur

The Lark

The Land of Promise

Last Night I dreamed

Leaders of Men


Let Me Believe

The Liberty-Bell (Sent from Philadelphia to Atlanta, October 4, 1895)

Life. ("Before we knew thee thou wert with us; ay") Century v. 46 no. 6 p. 839 (October 1893); 1898 p. 1; 1916 v. 1 p. 5. Stanza break after line 8 (1916). Punctuation differences.

Before we knew thee thou wert with us; aye,
  In that far time forgotten and obscure
  When, doubtful of ourselves, of naught secure,
  We feebly uttered first our human cry.
We had not murmured hadst thou passed us by,
  And now, with all our vaunted knowledge sure,
  We know not from what source of bounty pure
  Thou camest, our dull clay to glorify.

Yet—for thou didst awake us when but dust,
  Careless of thee—one tender hope redeems
  Each loss by the dark river: more and more
We feel that we who long for thee may trust
  To wake again, as children do from dreams,
  And find thee waiting on the farther shore.

Life ("Thou art more ancient than the oldest skies")


Lines for a Fiftieth Anniversary

The Little Lass—An Old-Time Ditty

A Little Minister

A Little Song

Live Thy Life

Longing. Poet-Lore v. 10 no. 1 p. 25 (January 1898); 1898 p. 6; 1916 v. 2 p. 14. Punctuation differences.

The lilacs blossom at the door,
    The early rose
Whispers a promise to her buds,
    And they unclose.

There is a perfume everywhere,
    A breath of song,
A sense of some divine return
    For waiting long.

Who knows but some imprisoned joy
    From bondage breaks,—
Some exiled and enchanted hope
    From dreams awakes?

Who knows but you are coming back
    To comfort me
For all the languor and the pain,

O come! For one brief spring return,
    Love's tryst to keep;
Then let me share the Stygian fruit,
    The wintry sleep!

The Lordly Pines

The Lost Gioconda

Love and the Child

Love Conquers Death

Love, Dost Thou Smile?

Love Has No Foes

Love is Passing

Love never is Too Late

The Love of Life

Love, Reproachful

Love Sailed at Morn

Love that Faltered

A Lover's "Litany to Pan"

A Love-Song

A Lowly Parable