Florence Earle Coates Guide-Book/I

I Heard a Voice

I know not how to find the Spring

"I Longed for Love"

I Looked on Sorrow (see Earth's Mystery)

I Too Have Loved

The Ideal

An Idle Ditty

An Idler

Immortal. ("Life is like a beauteous flower") Lippincott's v. 54 p. 559 (October 1894); 1898 p. 8; 1916 v. 1 p. 120.

Life is like a beauteous flower,
  Closing to the world at even,—
Closing for a dreamless hour,
  To unfold, with dawn, on heaven.

Life is like a bird that nests
  Close to earth, no shelter scorning,
Yet, upmounting from her breast,
  Fills the skies with song at morning.

Immortal (How living are the dead!)

In a College Settlement

In a Tenement

In April

In Darkness. Harper's New Monthly Magazine v. 77 no. 462 p. 836 (November 1888); 1898 p. 10; 1916 v. 1 p. 17. Punctuation and case ("Sorrow" to "sorrow") differences.

    I will be still;
The terror drawing nigh
Shall startle from my lips no coward cry;
Nay, though the night my deadliest dread fulfil,
    I will be still.

    For, oh! I know,
Though suffering hours delay,
Yet to Eternity they pass away,
Carrying something onward as they flow,
    Outlasting woe!

    Yes, something won;
The harvest of our tears—
Something unfading, plucked from fading years,
Something to blossom on beyond the sun.
    From sorrow won.

    The agony,
So hopeless now of balm,
Shall sleep at last, in light as pure and calm
As that wherewith the stars look down on thee,

In Dreamland

In Loneliness—Iseult of Brittany

In Memory—Eliza Sproat Turner

In Memory of an American Soldier

In Memory of Caroline Furness Jayne

In Memory of Henry La Barre Jayne

"In Memory of Jean"

In Modern Bonds

In Pathetic Remembrance—E. N. W., Author Of "David Harum"

In Remembrance: The Antarctic Heroes of 1912 (see To Britannia)

In the Maternity Ward (see The Hospital)

In the Offing

In the Town a Wild Bird singing

In the Wood

In War-Time—Gazing Seaward

In War-Time—An American Homeward Bound

In Winter

In Winter-Time



The Infantry that Would Not Yield





The Irish Shamrock in South Africa