First steps towards system programming under MS-DOS 7/Foreword

The original of this book, "First steps towards system programming under MS-DOS7", was written and published online (PDF format) by Nickolay G. Hitrovo,, bearing a UDC label of "004.451.9dos", and released "according to Attribution-NonCommercial Public License of Creative Commons organization."

The introductory chapter in the original includes the following disclaimer : "This book is not based on legal OEM description of MS-DOS 7, since it hasn't been published yet. Author of this book is the only one responsible for all its contents. Despite genuine desire to check every data item, the 100% veracity of data can't be guaranteed : author's resources are not infinite. Besides that, evolution wouldn't stop, it permanently engenders something new. Therefore the author can't admit responsibility for consequences of your actions, even those inspired by this book. Any risk-bearing affair requires some caution and competence. However there is a hope that owing to this book your actions will become competent, effective and safe."

The introductory chapter in the original invites the reader to contact the author for remarks and corrections, by e-mail to "Each relevant message will be accepted with gratitude."