First Aid/How To Read This Book

Internationally-recognized standards edit

  Regional Note
Where there is a regional departure from the protocols in the main text, they're noted in a box like this.

This book is international in nature - we've tried to use internationally-recognized standards as much as possible. For more information on how standards are developed and implemented, see Appendix B: Behind the Scenes. Where required, we've added regional notes to highlight regional differences.

Boxes highlight important information edit

This type of box highlights areas where additional caution is needed.
  Don't do this!
This type of box shows the reader a common mistake or something that could harm the victim.
  Best Practice
These boxes highlight a technique commonly used because it's the best (or one of the best) ways of doing things, or it is something important to remember.

Summaries make studying easy edit

Summaries are available for the following modules: