Find File Professional/Tutorial Syntax



ALT the Alt key on the keyboard
CTRL the Ctrl (Control) key on the keyboard
F1 through F12 the F1 through F12 keys on the keyboard
SHIFT the Shift key on the keyboard
SPACE the Spacebar on the keyboard
TAB the Tab key on the keyboard
ENTER the Enter key on the keyboard
ESC the Escape key on the keyboard


AKEY through ZKEY the corresponding letter on the keyboard
0KEY through 9KEY the corresponding number on the keyboard (above the letters) on the keyboard—not on the numberpad

Numeric padEdit

NUM0 through NUM9 the corresponding number on the numberpad—not on the keyboard above the letters ('Num Lock' usually needs to be enabled)
NUM+ and NUM− the corresponding key on the numberpad

Note for Windows 2000/XP users: do not press right Shift five times in a row as it turns on the Windows Sticky Keys. Doing so will mess up the ability for your keyboard to recognize commands. If the box for sticky keys appears, press cancel. If you don't need the accessibility features, you can disable sticky keys: go to Start → Settings → Control Panel; select Accessibility Options, and for each of the options, StickyKeys, FilterKeys, and ToggleKeys, (1) clear the "Use …" checkbox, and (2) press the "Settings…" button and clear the "Use Shortcut" checkbox.

2-button or 3-button MouseEdit

LMB the left mouse button
RMB the right mouse button
MMB the middle mouse button or mouse wheel
SCROLL refers to scrolling the wheel of the mouse