Find Employment/Start Business

More and more people are creating their own next job by starting their own business. You can start your own business with the purpose of just yourself working for it or you can create a business with the ambition to employ other people.

Free AgentsEdit

Our modern economy has been described as a free agent economy. Free agents are people who work for several companies independently not being hired as an employee by the companies. A free agent can in many cases work much like an employee of a company but does not have the same rights to benefits etc. as an employee.

Things to considerEdit

  • skills
    • Do I have the knowledge to be my own boss?
    • Do I know "enough" about the law?
  • attitude
    • Do I have the stamina, persistence it takes? Or, if not, do I want to adopt that attitude?
  • viability
    • short-term: Are there enough opportunities?
      • Who sets the prices? Is the market saturated?
      • Liability? What insurances are necessary?
    • long-term: social security and health benefits
      • Do I run risk of old age poverty? Would it make a difference if I worked a regular job?
      • What if I cannot work for a period of time? How do I finance myself?