Find Employment/Introduction

What this book is aboutEdit

This book is about finding work. This book will discuss finding a job through the creation of a resume and a cover letter, the application process, and the interview. This book will also briefly discuss finding work by starting your own business.

Who this book is forEdit

Technically speaking, this book is for every person. People who are unemployed, or who are looking to switch careers should read this book. This book will be most relevant to those living in the United States, or those countries that have similar standards and methods as the USA.

How this book is arrangedEdit

This book is arranged in a chronological manner. The first section deals with finding job prospects, and doing research on companies. The second section deals with writing a resume and a cover letter. The third section deals with the interview process. Finally, the fourth section deals with evaluating an offer. Additional information and resources can be found in the appendix.

Job search is a jobEdit

It often takes months of time and effort to find a job that matches your qualifications and desires. Actively pursuing multiple leads will maximize your search efforts and reduce the time it takes you to find employment. This means devoting as much time as you can to your job search. If you are unemployed, treat your job search like a full-time job, waking up early and working a full day. If you are working or in school, it is still important to devote time every day to your job search.

Inform people you know that you are looking for a job. Read the classified ads. Use the Internet, including general job search sites, special interest sites, company Web sites, and trade and professional association Web sites. Directly contact employers in which you are interested, even if they are not advertising a job opening. You may also wish to consult State employment service offices and to consider private employment agencies.