Final Fantasy X/Aeons/Yojimbo

Location Found: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

Yojimbo is one of the three optional powerful Aeons. He initially has a strong evasion level, but his health and defense is lower than average. You have to pay an amount of Gil for him to attack.

He will choose one of four attacks. The attack chosen depends on the game's evaluation of a sophisticated motivation function that depends on the Yojimbo-resistance level of the opponent, Gil payed relative to Gil wealth, a hidden compatibility level, whether or not Yojimbo is in overdrive, and a random number generator. The moves are listed below, from least to most gil paid:

  • Daigoro, Yojimbo's pet dog who is summoned to attack.
  • Kozuka, throwing three daggers at the enemy for medium damage.
  • Wakizashi, an attack in which he throws three daggers that either hit one or all enemies.
  • Zanmato, an infallible 1-hit-kill attack. He draws a katana from the belly of hell, unsheathes its shimmering blade, casts away the scabbard, and lauches a spinning lateral slash at the enemies. A gust of wind will promptly decapitate them. This attack works on bosses too, either killing them or sending them into their next form!

All of Yojimbo's attacks are automatically Penetrating. You cannot teach Yojimbo any abilities. His Overdrive is only increase probability of using Zanmato.

"Yojimbo" is "bodyguard" in Japanese, fitting for a pay-per-kill aeon.