Final Fantasy X/Aeons/Valefor

Location Found: Besaid

Valefor is the first Aeon that Yuna can summon, which you receive in Besaid after conquering the Cloister of Trials. She resembles a large eagle and stays afloat. Therefore enemies on the ground have a harder time hitting than with other Aeons. Although Valefor starts out as a useful asset to your party, when you get the other Aeons, she will probably end up weak. Valefor's damage will be able to exceed 9,999 once Yuna activates her Celestial Weapon, Nirvana.

Unique Attack edit

  • Sonic Wings
  • Non-elemental attack
  • Can Delay enemies

Overdrives edit

Valefor is the only Aeon with two Overdrives.

  • Energy Ray - The default Overdrive, in which Valefor shoots a ray of energy under the enemies, blowing up the ground under them.
  • Energy Blast - This is Valefor's more powerful Overdrive, with a longer recharge time that can be obtained by talking to a little girl with a pet dog in Besaid. Energy Blast is a lot more useful than Energy Ray. She will attack the enemies with a large energy beam through a spinning disc (often killing the subject).