Final Fantasy X/Aeons/Shiva

Location Found: Macalania Temple

Shiva's Fayth is a woman wearing a cloak over her head. As an ice being, Shiva is auto-equipped with the Ice Eater ability, letting her add ice damage to her HP when damaged. Fire spells do extra damage to her.

Her Aeon attack is Heavenly Strike, and Diamond Dust is her Overdrive. Activating Lulu's Onion knight will allow her to break 9,999 damage.

Unique Attack edit

  • Heavenly Strike:
  • Shiva drops a large chunk of ice on an opponent's head. This attack has the potential to delay the enemies attack. This outcome is only sporadic against more powerful enemies, but does succeed occasionally.

Overdrive edit

  • Diamond Dust
  • Shiva casts an icy plain across all enemies inflicting elemental ice damage. She then snaps her fingers in order to shatter the icy plain to a sea of icy shards, leaving Diamond Dust an aptly named overdrive.