Final Fantasy X/Aeons/Magus Sisters

To obtain the Magus Sisters, the two seals in front of the door to the chamber of the Fayth in Remiem Temple must be broken by using the Flower Sceptre and Blossom Crown. The Flower Sceptre can be obtained by defeating the first five of Belgemine's Aeons (up to and including Bahamut), who conveniently stands in the middle of Remiem. The Blossom Crown is awarded at the Monster Arena for capturing at least one of every fiend from Mt. Gagazet.

After getting the two items, approach the chamber of the Fayth at the back of Remiem temple to break the seals and get your three new Aeons, Cindy, Sandy and Mindy. You can enter the chamber again to receive a Luck Sphere.

In general, the Magus Sisters will have the highest stats of all the Aeons (particularly Sandy's strength and Cindy's HP), and as all three fight at once, will be a good choice for tackling the monster arena at lower levels. The catch is that you can't directly control the Aeon's actions, but only really 'advise' them i.e. choose whether to attack, cast offensive magic, support magic and so on.

Unique Attack edit

  • Sandy's Razzia
  • Does about 1.5 times normal attack damage.
  • Cindy's Camisade
  • Does about 1.5 times normal attack damage.
  • Mindy's Passado
  • Attacks at 10% power 15 times to give 1.5 times normal attack damage, however as a multi-attack the damage can be significantly increased if your normal attacks would be over 99999 and if you have a high luck stat (causing critical hits).

Overdrive edit

  • Delta Attack
  • This attack hits six times for high damage (based on your magic stats). It is performed by selecting "Combine Powers" when all three sisters' Overdrive bars are full.