Final Fantasy V/Magic and skills

Magic divided in levels


White Magic


There are 18 White spells divided into 6 tiers of 3 each. Each White ability earned lets you cast spells from an additional tier with the White ability equipped, so you can cast White spells at any level with the White 6 ability. A W. Mage can cast any White spell. Red Mages can cast White spells in the first three tiers but no further. Again, each Red ability earned lets you cast spells from an additional tier with the Red ability equipped. Unless otherwise noted, all White spells are reflected by targets with Reflect status.

Tier Spell MP Type Effect
1 Cure 4 1Heal Power: 15
This is the basic healing spell. Restores at least 60 HP with more according to the caster's Mag.Pwr and level. Damages Undead enemies.
1 Poisona
2 3Heal Cures "poison" status from the target.
1 Libra
1 5Disable Reveals the targets level, current HP, maximum HP, elemental weaknesses, and some status effects. Some enemies are immune or partially immune. A reflected Scan does not show level.
2 Protect
3 4Support Causes "protect" status; target's physical defence is increased.
2 Mini
5 4Support / Disable Inflicts or cures "mini" status.
2 Silence
2 5Disable Inflicts "mute" status; target is unable to use magic.
3 Cure2
9 1Heal Power: 45
Upgraded healing spell. Restores about three times as much HP as Cure.
3 Raise 29 2Heal Cures "knocked out" status and restores a small amount (1/16) of HP. Instantly fatal to Undead enemies unless immune. The reflected spell has no effect on allies.
3 Confuse
4 5Disable Inflict "confused" status; target will attack other enemies or even itself.
4 Esuna
6 3Heal Cures all negative statuses, except for "knocked out" and "doom".
4 Blink
6 4Support Causes "image" status; target will dodge next two physical attacks.
4 Shell 6 4Support Target's magical defence is increased.
5 Cure3
27 1Heal Power: 90
Restores full health if a single target. Restores about four times as much HP as Cure2 for group targets. If target is undead then reduces HP to critical unless immune.
5 Reflect
15 4Support Causes "reflect" status; enemy spells are reflected to caster.
5 Berserk 8 4Support Causes "berserk" status; target will automatically execute physical attacks, without need to choose from menu. Especially useful if cast on basic fighters job.
6 Arise 50 2Heal Cures "knocked out" status and restores full health. Same effect as Raise and Cure3 together. The reflected spell has no effect on allies.
6 Dispel 12 5Disable Removes a variety of (mostly) positive status effects (Float, Image, Bersrk, Regen, Slow, Haste, Stop, Shell, Protes, Reflect). Dispel is not reflected.
6 Holy 20 6Attack Power: 240
Holy-element magical attack.

Black Magic


Like White Magic, Black Magic is divided into 6 tiers of 3 each, and each Black ability earned adds another tier to the spells you can cast with the Black ability equipped. Red mages can also cast Black spells, but again, only up to third tier. Unless otherwise noted, all Black spells are reflected by targets with Reflect status. Since Black spell are usually hostile, the damage done is reduced according to the Magic Defense of the target.

Tier Spell MP Type Effect
1 Fire 4 3Attack (elemental) Element: fire, power: 15.
1 Ice 4 3Attack (elemental) Element: ice, power: 15.
1 Bolt 4 3Attack (elemental) Element: lightning, power: 15.
2 Poison 2 3Attack (elemental) Inflict Poison status; target loses HP every turn.
2 Sleep 3 2Disable Inflict Sleep status; target skips its turn until awakened.
2 Toad 8 1Support / Disable Cures or inflicts "toad" status; same as "mini" and "mute" statuses together.
3 Fire2 10 3Attack (elemental) Element: fire, power: 50.
3 Ice2 10 3Attack (elemental) Element: ice, power: 50.
3 Bolt2 10 3Attack (elemental) Element: lightning, power: 50.
4 Drain 13 6Attack (non-elemental) Damages target and restore the same HP to the caster.
4 Break 15 5Attack (instant defeat) Inflicts "petrified" status. Instantly fatal to enemies unless immune.
4 Bio 16 3Attack (elemental) Damages target and inflicts "poison" status.
5 Fire3 25 3Attack (elemental) Element: fire
5 Ice3 25 3Attack (elemental) Element: ice
5 Bolt3 25 3Attack (elemental) Element: lightning
6 Flare 39 6Attack (non-elemental) Non-elemental attack spell.
6 Death 29 5Attack (instant defeat) Instantly kills the the target unless evaded or immune.
6 Osmose 1 2Disable Reduce target's MP and restore the same MP to the caster.

Spellblade Magic


With two exceptions, all swords spells are the same as Black spells, the difference being that the spell is cast on a sword and then the sword casts the spell on the target whenever it is used to attack. The exceptions are that the Black spell Toad is replaced by the White spell Mute, and the Black spell Doom is replaced by the White spell Holy. The effects of Sword spells are similar to that of the corresponding Black (or White) spell, with a major advantage being that Sword spells do not have to be recast. A disadvantage is that the caster uses up a turn casting the spell before actually attacking.

Time Magic


Time Magic, as well, is divided into 6 tiers of 3 each, and each Time ability earned adds another tier to the spells you can cast with the Time ability equipped. Unless otherwise noted, all Time spells are reflected by targets with Reflect status.

Tier Spell MP Type Effect
1 Speed 1 3Support Target will take turns more often.
1 Slow 3 4Disable Inflicts "slow" status; target will take turns less often.
1 Regen 3 1Heal Causes "regenerate" status; target's HP gradually restores.
2 Mute 3 4Disable Inflicts "mute" status; target is unable to use magic.
2 Haste 5 3Support Causes "haste" status; target will take turns twice as often.
2 Float 10 2Field / Support Prevent damage from floor traps;
in battle, prevent earth-elemental damage.
3 Demi 9 5Attack Reduces target's HP to half of the current HP.
3 Stop 8 4Disable Inflicts "stop" status; target skips its turn until status fades away.
3 Teleport 15 2Field / Support Teleport back to the dungeon entrance;
in battle, escape from battle.
4 Comet 7 5Attack Cannot be reflected.
4 Slow2 9 4Disable Inflicts "slow" status to all enemies.
4 Return 1 3Support Go back in time to start of current battle.
5 Demi2 18 5Attack Reduces target's HP to a quarter of the current HP.
5 Haste2 15 3Support Causes "haste" status to all party.
5 Old 4 4Disable Inflicts "old" status; target's attributes decrease progressively.
6 Meteor 42 5Attack Multi-target Comet; cannot be reflected.
6 Quick 77 3Support Caster can choose and perform two actions in the same turn.
6 Banish 20 5Attack Instantly defeats target.

Summon Magic


Summon Magic, as well, is divided into tiers of 3 each, and each Summon ability earned adds another tier to the spells you can cast with the Time ability equipped. In this case there are only 5 tiers.

Tier Spell MP Type Effect
0 Eggman 0 (Null) This is the spell the Magic Lamp item casts when it has been used 32 times or more. It has no effect.
1 Remora: Constrict 2 3Attack & Disable Inflicts "paralysis" status.
1 Chocobo: Chocobo Kick 5 6Attack (non-elemental) Chocobo Kick damages a single enemy. Occasionally Fat Chocobo is performed instead; this does more damage to all enemies.
1 Sylph: Whisperwind 8 1Attack & Heal Damages an enemy and restores the same HP, distributed evenly, to allies.
2 Shiva: Diamond Dust 10 4Attack (elemental) Element: ice
2 Ifrit: Hellfire 11 4Attack (elemental) Element: fire
2 Ramuh: Judgement Bolt 12 4Attack (elemental) Element: lightning
3 Titan: Gaea's Wrath 25 4Attack (elemental) Element: earth
3 Golem: Earthen Wall 18 2Support Prevents all physical damage to allies.
3 Catoblepas: Demon Eye 33 5Attack (instant defeat) Inflicts "petrified" status; target is instantly defeated.
4 Carbuncle: Ruby Light 45 2Support Causes "reflect" status to all allies.
4 Syldra: Thunderstorm 32 4Attack (elemental) Element: wind
4 Odin: Vengeance Sword 48 5Attack (instant defeat) Instanty defeats all enemies; if any one enemy is immune to instant defeat, then Odin performsJavelin, which attacks a single enemy.
5 Phoenix: Rebirth Flames 99 1Attack & Heal Fire-elemental attack on all enemies, and at the same time restores knocked out allies to full health.
5 Leviathan: Tsunami 39 4Attack (elemental) Element: water
5 Bahamut: Mega Flare 66 6Attack (non-elemental) Attacks all enemies.

Other magic




There are 30 Blue spells which can be cast by Blue Mages and characters with the !Blue ability equipped. These spells must be learned from enemies. This happens when an enemy casts the spell on a Blue Mage or a character with the Learning ability equipped. For beneficial spells, the enemy will only cast it on other enemies and you can only learn the spell by inflicting Muddle. In some cases, the enemy will not cast the spell spontaneously at all and you must use the Control ability. Unless otherwise noted, Blue Magic spells are not reflected.

Spell MP Effect Location
Vampire 2 Healing/Attack: restores half the HP lost by the caster by draining the same amount from the target (for example, if the caster has 120/300 HP, the amount of HP lost is 180. 90 HP would be drained from the target and 90 HP would be restored to the caster).
Transfusion 13 Healing: sacrifices the caster's life to restore full health to an ally.
White Wind 28 Healing: heal all allies. Zu (must be controlled)
Moon Flute 3 Support: grants Berserk status on all allies.
Mighty Guard 72 Support: grants Float, Protect and Shell to all allies.
Magic Hammer 3 Disable: reduces the target's current MP to half. Drippy (Drakenvale
Pond's Chorus 5 Disable: inflicts Toad status (same as the Black spell Toad). Elf Toad (Walz Watertower)
Lilliputian Lyric 5 Disable: inflicts Mini status (same as the White spell Mini).
Flash 7 Disable: inflicts Dark status on all enemies.
Time Slip 9 Disable: inflicts Old and Sleep status on single enemy.
Lv.2 Old 11 Disable: inflicts Old status on target if its level is a multiple of 2.
Off-Guard 19 Disable: reduce target's Def. and MDef. to half.
Dark Spark 27 Disable: reduces the level of the target by half for the duration of the battle (in effect, this reduces the damage done by physical attacks and most attack spells, and reduces the effect of Healing spells). Black Spark
Mind Blast 6 Disable/Attack: inflicts Paralyze and Sap and deals damage.
Death Claw 21 Disable/Attack: inflicts Paralyze and reduces HP of target to critical. Iron Claw (Karnak Castle)
Trent (Forest near X-Death's castle, World II),
Blockhead (Forest near X-Death's castle, World II),
WingKiller (Big Bridge),
WaterScorp (Ocean, World III).
Flame Thrower 5 Attack (Fire): deals Fire damage
Aero 4 Attack (Wind): deals Wind damage Mauldwin (Wind Temple, Sunken tower),
Defeater (Fire Ship),
Magissa (Boss).
Aera 10 Attack (Wind): deals Wind damage Enchanted Fan (Ronkan Ruins)
Aeroga 24 Attack (Wind): deals Wind damage
Roulette 1 Attack (instant defeat): randomly select an ally or enemy and kill instantly.
Doom 10 Attack (instant defeat): after 30 seconds, it instantly kills the target.
Lv.5 Death 22 Attack (instant defeat): instantly kills target if its level is a multiple of 5.
Goblin punch 0 Attack (non-elemental): physical attack, has 8 times the power if the target and the caster have the same level.
Self-Destruct 1 Attack (non-elemental): Sacrifices the caster's life to do damage to an enemy equal to the caster's current HP.
 ???? 3 Attack (non-elemental): deals damage to the target equal to the HP lost by the caster (if the caster has 120/300 HP, then 180 HP damage will be done to the target).
Missile 7 Attack (non-elemental): reduces the targets current HP to a quarter.
Lv.4 Graviga 9 Attack (non-elemental): reduces target HP to 1/4 of max if the target's level is a multiple of 4.
Lv.3 Flare 18 Attack (non-elemental): casts Flare on target if the target's level is a multiple of 3.
1000 Needles 25 Attack (non-elemental): deals a flat 1000 HP damage to the target.
Aqua Breath 38 Attack (non-elemental): Non-elemental attack on all enemies; deals increased damage to desert dwelling monsters.



There are four possible Dance spells which are invoked using the Dance ability or attacking with Dancing Dirk. Three are similar to other spells but do not require MP. You have no control over which spell is cast but you do select the target.

Three equipment parts modify the Dance command by replacing the very useful "Tempting Tango" with the less useful "Sword Dance". Anyway, such items have other advantages.

Dance Effect Notes
Tempting Tango Inflicts "confuse" on the enemy. Always useful.
Mystery Waltz Reduces the enemy's MP and replenishes the Dancer's ones. Useful when fighting against magic users.
Jitterbug Duet Damages the enemy and restores the Dancer's health. Useful when the Dancer is low on HP.
Sword Dance Attacks the enemy four times, with no special effect. Not very useful: the Dancer isn't a damage-dealing job anyway.



There are eight songs which can be used by Bards. Four of these must be sung continuously and take effect gradually. This induces the Singing status, which continue until the singer is interrupted by a physical attack. If the singer is interrupted, the effect does not disappear but stops growing. The effect will continue to grow if the song is sung again.

Song Duration Effect Location
Mighty March Short Heal: grants Regen status to all allies. Crescent Village (in minstrel's house)
Sinewy Etude[1] Continuous Support: character's Vigor increases gradually; thus, damage caused by physical attacks gradually increases. Crescent (merged world)
Swift Song Continuous Support: character's Speed increases gradually; thus, character's action gradually become faster. Castle Surgate, king's chamber
Mana Paean Continuous Support: character's Magic attribute increases gradually; thus, effects caused by magic spell gradually increase. Library of the Ancients, top floor (merged world)
Hero's Rime Continuous Support: character's Level increases gradually; thus, effects of spells and attacks gradually increase.
The effect is in addition to the the effects due to Power Song and MP Song. This effect does not apply when the character is the target of an attack or spell. In particular, character still show his/her unmodified level when scanned.
Crescent, in Minstrel's house, after playing every piano
Romeo's Ballad Short Disable: inflicts "stop" status. Istory
Alluring Air Short Disable: inflicts "confusion" status. Lix
Requiem Short Attack: damages undead enemies. Quelb
  1. "étude" is French for "study".



These "spells" are invoked by the Animals ability (Lv 1 Ranger). There is no control over which animal is summoned, though most of them affect an entire party. While the randomness is a drawback, the 0 MP cost can make it worthwhile. Which animals are available depends on the caster's level, with new and more helpful spells being added to the mix as the character levels up. The effects of Black Shock and Lvl song are taken into account here, so you can get any animal if you let Lvl song persist before casting.

Animal Min. Lv. Effect
Mysidian Rabbit 1 No effect.
Squirrel 1 Attack: single enemy.
Bee Swarm 5 Attack: all enemies.
Nightingale 10 Heal: cures blind, poison and some HP to all allies.
Tree Squirrel 20 Disable: enemies are paralyzed for a short time.
Falcon 30 Attack: single enemy; it reduces current HP by 25%.
Skunk 40 Disable: inflicts Poison and Dark on all enemies.
Wild Boar 50 Attack: single enemy.
Unicorn 60 Heal: restores full HP and MP to all allies.



These are spells invoked by the Earth ability. As with animal magic, there is no control over which spell is cast or the target, but no MP is used and this sometimes makes up for this drawback. Also as with animal magic, which spells are available depends on the level of the caster. At any given location there are four possible spells, with the first spell always available and new and more powerful being added to the mix as the character levels up. The second spell starts to appear at level 10, the third at level 20, and the fourth and final spell at level 50. In this case, the possible spells depend on the terrain as well. So, for example, you will get different spells if you use Earth in a forest than if you use it in a desert. The terrain types for the world map are forest, plain, beach, swamp, desert and ship, but the actual terrain depends on the specific location. Each dungeon has one or more terrains as well, so there are dozens of different terrains in the game. Though there is some overlap in the spells between terrains, there are still dozens of different terrain spells in the game. The following is only a partial list.

  • Will O' Wisp
Fire based attack on single enemy. Has a chance of inflicting Muddle status.
  • Gust
Wind based attack on single enemy.
  • Stalactite
Attack on single enemy.



These are spells invoked by the Mix ability. The idea is that two items are mixed and produce a new effect which combines the effects of the both items, or creates a completely new effect. There are twelve items which can be mixed; nine of them are ordinary items can can be found in shops, but the rest can only be used for mixing and can only be found as treasure or obtained from enemies as drops or using Steal. The twelve mixable items are

  • Phoenix Down
  • Tonic
  • Ether
  • Elixir
  • Antidote
  • Potion
  • Eye Drop
  • Maiden'sKiss
  • Holy Water
  • Turtle Shell
  • Dark Matter
  • Dragon Fang

The order in which the items are mixed makes no difference, which means there are 78 possible recipes. There is some overlap though so there are actually around 55 different mixing spells.



There are eight elements in Final Fantasy V; they are Water, Wind, Earth, Holy, Poison, Bolt, Ice and Fire. Many spells and some weapons are based on an element, and this changes their potency on some enemies. In addition, if a Sword spell is cast on a weapon, the weapon acquires that element. For each enemy, there are five possible ways that the element of an attack can affect that enemy:

Defense against the attack is nullified and the damage done is doubled.
There is no change.
Damage reduced to half.
No damage is done.
Damage is changed to healing.