Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Walkthrough

As part of the intro you get into your first fight, simple enough, just keep attacking, after the rest of the cut scene you start the game in level forest

Talk to the guy in the blue, jump over him and move the rock, he gives you a withered stick and tells you to give it to 'Kaeli' in foresta. Head left and leave the forest and head west to Foresta.

Talk to everyone starting with the house on the bottom right, there is a chest there containing 3 cure positions, talk to he girl and she says you can sleep in the bed if you want to heal. In the house at the top right of the town you see the guy from the forest and he tells you that you can have what's in the chest at the back of the house, leave the house and cross the bridge then jump over the stepping stones and go into the house. Open the chest to get your first spell CURE leave and return to the centre of the town and talk to the people there, one of them tells you the earth crystal is in the Bone Dungeon to the north. Go into the house nearest where you came in to town and talk to the girl in the green dress. The is 'Kaeli', she joins you, at the back of the house there is a chest containing 3 cure potions. leave the house and the town and go back to level forest. 'Kaeli' will cut down the trees that where blocking the way to the monsters before. you can also now get to a chest that was blocked by the rock that you moved earlier which contains 3 cure potions. Make your way around the forest killing all the monsters you can get too. At the top right there is a chest containing 3 heal potions and a chest containing 3 cures at the top left. After collecting these and killing everything go to the tree with the orange outline at the top of the forest and 'Keali' will cut it down, as she does she is attacked by a mintaur that poisons her and attacks you. Easy fight just keep your characters health topped up and you will be fine. At the end of the fight 'Kaeli's' mother shows up. 'Kaeli' leaves the party but gives you her axe. you can now cut down trees by pressing 'A' you can switch between weapons using 'L & R'. Go to the bottom left part of the forest and cut down the trees to get to the monster and the chest there. The chest contains 3 heals. leave the forest and head back to Foresta. at the bottom right of the town there is a chest behind some trees, cut them down to get the chest then head to the house that you can sleep in and rest up. if you want to you can go back to level forest, all the monsters and chests have been reset apart from the boss minitaur note only the brown boxes reset, not the red and gold treasure chests after re-doing level forest or straight away your choice head north to the battlefield, complete all 10 battles to clear the field, note some of these battlefields give you items as rewards. this one doesn't but its good to do them for the experience anyway after the battlefield carry on north to the Sand Temple.

Go through the door and check the treasure chest. Its Empty. After a short cut scene 'Tristam' joins you. Take his advise and go to the battlefield to the west. After clearing all 10 battles you are rewarded with the 'Charm' giving you extra defence. After the battlefield head north of the Sand Temple

There are 3 chests in this room, the ones on the left and right sides of the room both contain ninja stars for 'tristam', the one in the middle contains 3 cure positions. After Killing everything go through the door to the next room. Jump over the water using the Turtle Shells as stepping stones then down the steps on the right into the water. go through the skull on the bottom left to the adjoining room and use the stairs to get out of the water, as you approach the blocked door 'Tristam' shows you how to use bombs, go back to the previous room and use a bomb on the skeleton that was blocking the path at the top, open the chest there to get the steel shield then go back and through the door that 'Tristam' cleared.

Work your way up to the top right to the blocked door, use a bomb on it to get to the chest containing ninja stars then work your way to the top left and go down the stairs.

Kill the monster at the bottom right of the room and get the bombs from the chest behind it then kill the skeletons at the top. Use a bomb on the rigs to clear them then go right through the wall. Use the turtle shells as stepping stones to get to the chest containing more ninja stars then head back the way you came and go through the skull to the left. At the bottom left there is a small loop path with a chest in it. kill the monsters and open the chest to get the ninja stars then work your way up around the flowing sand, once again use a bomb to get rid of the ribs and carry on around the flowing sand then down the stairs.

Kill the monster on the left to grab the ninja stars from the chest then use a bomb on the skull to open the jaws, go through the door at the end to find a chest with 3 seeds then head back through and go through the passage on the left. Go round the flowing sand killing the monsters and use a bomb on the skull again. go through the door at the end to find a chest containing your first attacking spell 'Quake'. Go back again and through the passage on the right. Kill the monster there and use a bomb to blow open the jaws. Go through the door to meet the boss. make sure your characters are at full health. Standard attacking should work fine against him and note, Tristam's life spell not only brings characters back to life, if you use it on someone who is still alive it works as a full cure and removes all negative status. Just keep your characters healed and keep attacking. This fight should be over in a couple of rounds.

Open all the chests containing ninja stars, cure potions and the 'Sand Coin', 'Tristam' keeps the 'Dragon Claw' for himself and gives you the 'Elixer'. As you go to leave 'Tristam' leaves. Head out of the dungeon and back to Forsta

When you get there you find the village changed and everyone is young. The chests have reset so collect them all and sleep in the bed in the house at the bottom right. Go to 'Kaeli's' house and give her the 'Elixer'. After talking with 'Kaeli' you need to head to Aquaria to find Spencer. To do this you need to make your first trip through Focus Tower. To get there you need to head north to the Sand Temple then head east. Clear the Battlefield, return to Foresta to rest and heal then carry on to Focus Tower.

In focus tower go to the left and talk to the guy on the cloud from the intro then head up the stairs.