Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Locations

The setting for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest takes place on a single continent of an unnamed world (simply referred to as "the World."), which is divided into four distinct regions: Foresta, Aquaria, Fireburg, and Windia. The welfare of each region is determined by the state of one of four shining crystals: earth, water, fire, and wind, respectively. At the beginning of the game, each region is missing its crystal, and is plagued by decay, climate change, or natural disasters. When Benjamin recovers a crystal for a given region, the area reverts back to its normal state, with the change manifesting itself on the world map.

Overworld map in FFMQ
Overworld map in FFMQ

The world of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest as it appears in the beginning of the game

Foresta edit

The Foresta region is split into two areas: a forest and a desert. The region prospers under the Crystal of Earth, but has been in a state of decay since it was stolen. The village of Foresta is located on the outskirts of the Level Forest, and all of the village's citizens, who take residence in the massive stumps of hollowed trees, are rapidly aging.

Hill of Destiny edit

The game opens with Benjamin climbing the Hill of Destiny. While he is exploring an earthquake strikes, destroying his village and the Hill of Destiny.

Level Forest edit

Like the village of Foresta itself, the trees of the Level Forest are dying. It is only after Benjamin brings proof of the forest's suffering that Kaeli agrees to help him, although she is ambushed and poisoned by a minotaur posing as a tree.

Sand Temple edit

The Sand Temple serves as an entrance to the desert extension of the Foresta region.

Bone Dungeon edit

The Bone Dungeon is located in the center of the region's desert. The name is derived from the dungeon's passages, many of which are formed from the rib cages of enormous monsters. Flamerous Rex, the first of the four Vile Evils, holds the Crystal of Earth and the Sand Coin here.

Aquaria edit

The region of Aquaria is completely frozen over in the absence of the Crystal of Water. The town of Aquaria is situated on a large lake.

Libra Temple edit

Benjamin first meets Phoebe in the Libra Temple, which holds a warp to the Life Temple.

Life Temple edit

The Life Temple houses a spring of precious Wakewater, a substance used to heal. Nearly all of it has since dried up.

Spencer's Place edit

Spencer's place is a tunnel located underneath a house in Aquaria and, when Otto's Rainbow Road is operating, connects the region to Windia.

Wintry Cave edit

The Wintry Cave is located in the most northeastern position of the world. Benjamin and Phoebe travel to the cave to find the Gemini Crest, an item allowing them to warp between the Libra Temple and the Life Temple.

Falls Basin edit

The Falls Basin is a frozen over waterfall that drains into the lake near Aquaria. It leads to the Ice Pyramid.

Ice Pyramid edit

The Ice Pyramid is the base of the second of the four Vile Evils, the Ice Golem.

Fireburg edit

The Fireburg region rests entirely upon a large plateau. The region's volcano is active, and its eruptions trigger perpetual earthquakes. The city of Fireburg is lively, and a rock band plays at the hotel.

Sealed Temple edit

Mine edit

The region's Mine has been abandoned ever since monsters invaded it, and a large boulder blocks the Mine's route to the volcano.

Volcano edit

The area's volcano is the only one in the world. It has recently been active, and its eruptions have triggered the earthquakes that plague the region.

Lava Dome edit

The Lava Dome rests atop the volcano, and is ruled by the third of the four Vile Evils, Dualhead Hydra.

Windia edit

The Windia region is a set of islands connected by bridges over a large lake, although the lake is currently dried out. Without the Crystal of Wind to keep the wind's speed in check, the region is ravaged by high-speed winds originating in Mount Gale. The village of Windia is the home of Otto, the inventor of the Rainbow Road, a device connecting the Aquaria and Windia regions via Spencer's Place.

Rope Bridge edit

The Rope Bridge connects the Focus Tower with the Living Forest, acting as a gateway to the Windia region.

Alive Forest edit

The Alive Forest is home to a race of talking trees, much like the Ents from The Lord of the Rings. The guardian of the forest is the Giant Tree.

Kaidge Temple edit

Windhole Temple edit

Mount Gale edit

Mount Gale is the source of the high-speed winds ravaging the Windia region.

Pazuzu's Tower edit

Pazuzu's Tower was built by Otto, but later invaded and claimed by Pazuzu, the final of the four Vile Evils. Pazuzu's Tower has many floors, all of which can be accessed through its elevator. Switches are located on the even-numbered floors; when flicked, the switches prevent the elevator from going beyond specific floors.

Ship Dock edit

Mac's Ship edit

Mac's Ship is operated by Captain Mac, but it has since been beached on a rock ledge as the region's lake has dried up.

Focus Tower edit

The massive Focus Tower stands in the center of the world, and serves as a gateway to each of the world's four regions.

Doom Castle edit

The Doom Castle is an extension of the Focus Tower, and is the base of the Dark King, the ultimate evil.