Final Fantasy IV/Opening Scene

In the opening cinematic, Cecil and the crew of the Red Wings approach the city of Mysidia on a mission to take the Crystal of Water and return it to the empire of Baron. The crew objects to this theft of the Crystal, but Cecil ensures that they comply with their orders. Two Black Wizards, a White Wizard, and the Elder of Mysidia attempt to block the Red Wings, but the three wizards are slain and the Elder injured. The Red Wings take the Crystal.

The crew complains more, lamenting that the elite air force of Baron is reduced to looting missions. Cecil reminds them that the King of Baron's orders are absolute. The Red Wings are then attacked by monsters. Cecil blasts a trio of FloatEyes with the FireBomb spell and counters an attack by a Raven with the Lit-Bolt.

Upon the Red Wings' return to Baron, Cecil reports back to the King of Baron to hand over the Crystal. Chancellor Baigan picks up on Cecil's doubts about the morality of the mission, whispering about Cecil's disloyalty to the King. This leads to the King dismissing Cecil from his command. To demonstrate his loyalty, Cecil must hunt the Summoned Monsters of the Misty Valley and deliver a Package to the village of Mist. The Dragoon Kain protests this treatment of Cecil and is ordered by the King to accompany him.

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