Final Fantasy IV/Mt. Hobs to Fabul

Mount Hobs edit

Entrance to Mt. Hobs
Entrance to Mt. Hobs
Mount Hobs Checklist:
  • Holy Arrows x 10
  • Tent
  • Potion
  • Gold Needle
  • 960 Gil

The party has a new mission: get to Fabul's crystal before Golbez does. First, you'll have to pass through Mount Hobs. To get there, board the hovercraft, and head back to the shallows to the northwest. Take a detour in Damcyan if you need to heal, then continue through the shallows in the northeast. Mount Hobs is in the mountains to the east of the Antlion's Den.

Mount Hobs West Slope
Mount Hobs West Slope

Mount Hobs West Slope

If you accidentally came here before while searching for the Antlion's Den, you may have already seen the wall of ice keeping you from going further. Once you enter, Rosa will coax Rydia into using Fire to melt the barrier of ice. Rydia is able to use the Fire spell in battle from that point on as well.

Head up the stairs to the west, and enter the first door you come to.

Mount Hobs Vista

There is a save point here - kind of soon, isn't it? There are also four chests to the south, holding Tent, Potion, Gold Needle, and 960 Gil. Head back to the previous area, and continue on the path to the east, and through the next door.

Yang fighting off monsters
Yang fighting off monsters

Mount Hobs Summit

From the entrance, head east, but skip past the stairs to get a chest with Holy Arrows for Rosa. Go up the first set of stairs, heal up if you didn't before now, and watch in awe as a single monk - Yang - takes out a group of enemies. However, the party decides to step in when a Bomb enters the fray. It's no ordinary bomb; get ready to face the Mom Bomb!

Boss: Mom Bomb edit

Level 15 HP: 11000 Weakness: Dark Gil: 1200 Exp: 1900

Good grief! That's a bomb!

Mom Bomb
Mom Bomb

Simply attack Mom Bomb with physical attacks, and have Rosa keep the party healed up. Rydia's Chocobo Summon is effective here, and Rosa's Aim ability lets her do a bit more damage while she isn't healing.

After taking around 1,500 damage, Mom Bomb transforms and starts a countdown. At the end of the countdown, she explodes into 6 bombs. Try to take out all of the bombs at once, so use multi-target moves such as Yang's Kick and Cecil's Darkness.

Once you defeat the 6 smaller bombs, the fight is over. Now, you'll have to descend Mount Hobs into Fabul. Go through the door that the monsters blocked previously. Walk east across the bridge, then south down a slope to get back out to the overworld.

Fabul edit


After leaving Mount Hobs, go east, then north. Follow the coastline around to the east until you see a break in the mountain range. Head east through this break, and work your way southeast until you see Fabul, a fortress with a moat and two bridges around it.

Fabul Castle Checklist:
  • Demon Shield
  • Hermes Sandals
  • Spider Silk
  • Ether
  • Zeus's Wrath
  • Bomb Fragment
  • Antarctic Wind
  • Potion
  • Tent
  • Bacchus' Wine
Item shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Potion 30 30 30
Phoenix Down 150 100 100
Tent 200 100 100
Gysahl Greens 50 50 N/A
Remedy 100 N/A N/A
Ether 10000 N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 40
Eye Drops N/A 30 30
Gold Needle N/A 400 80
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 N/A
Armor and Weapon shop
Item Cost (SNES/PS) Cost (GBA/PSP) Cost (3D)
Flame Claws 350 350 350
Ice Claws 350 450 450
Lightning Claws 550 550 550
Demon Helm 980 980 980
Demon Armor 3000 3000 3000
Demon Gloves 800 800 800
Fabul throne room
Fabul throne room

Go through the castle's courtyard and into the door. In the next room, there is an Inn and item shop to the west, and a weapon and armor shop on the right. Be sure to purchase sufficient healing items, and rest up at the Inn if needed. The Demon armor that is available for sale at the armor shop is an upgrade for Cecil if you have the money for it. Unequip all gear from Rosa and Rydia, and equip the best available gear to Cecil, Edward and Yang.

When your preparations are complete, head through the door in the north part of the room, up the stairs, and into the Fabul Castle Throne Room. The party made it just in time to join in the defense of Fabul's crystal! Edward, Cecil, and Yang head to the front gate to fight off Baron soldiers.

Defense of Fabul edit

File:FF4 WT 3h.jpg

During the defense of Fabul, you will be locked into a series of six battles, with no break in between. The enemies are fairly simple to beat; most of them you've already fought before. The Baron soldiers are slightly tougher since the unit in the back row can issue a Charge command to his cohorts, which gives each of the remaining units a priority attack. Be sure to keep your party healed with Edward's Salve ability.

Enemy waves during the defense of Fabul
Battle SNES/PS enemies GBA enemies 3D remake/PSP enemies
1 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Captain, Baron Marine x 2
2 Weeper, Water Hag, Imp Cap Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
3 Gargoyle Gargoyle Captain, Baron Marine x 2
4 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Gargoyle
5 Weeper, Water Hag, Imp Cap Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi Leshy, Sahagin, Domovoi
6 Officer, Fighter x 2 General, Baron Warrior x 2 Captain, Baron Marine x 2

As frustrating as it is to easily take out enemies only for your party to retreat unnecessarily to the crystal room, just roll with it.

File:FF4 WT 3i.jpg

Suddenly Kain enters the room. You automatically enter into battle with him. You can attack him, but there is no way to win, and eventually he defeats you. Then, Golbez enters, taking the Crystal and Rosa. Rydia brings the remaining members of your party back to life, and motivates the party to search for Rosa and the crystal. First, though, let's search for hidden items.

Exit the Crystal Room, and go west to the end of a corridor with a pot, which is hiding Hermes Sandals. Then go east to another corridor. Step on the button at the end to open a hidden passage to a treasure room with Spider Silk, Demon Shield, and Ether. Exit the throne room to the south, then go around the stairs down to the next floor and through a door in the southern wall.

Out on the castle rampart, go through the door immediately to the west. The left pot on the northern part of the room holds Zeus's Wrath, and the three chests contain Bomb Fragment, Antarctic Wind, and Potion. All the way at the top of this tower is Yang's wife, Sheila. Once you're done, head back out to the castle rampart.

Next, go through the western door. Head up the stairs to the next room, and watch the entertaining dancer's dance. Then, examine the bottom-most pot on the east side of the room for Bacchus' Wine. Go up the stairs and open the chest for a Tent. The king encourages you to rest at the inn, so take his advice. Head back down the tower, and back through the middle door. Take the stairs down, and go to the inn.

The party formulates a plan to steal an airship from Baron, using a ship to travel there. Yang decides to talk to the king in the morning to arrange for a ship. Then, the party rests for the night. In the morning, the party goes to see the king, who readily agrees to lend you a ship. He also gives Cecil a powerful new sword. Exit the castle, and into the overworld.

File:FF4 WT 3k.jpg

To the east is the ship that the king prepared for you. Remove equipment from everyone except Cecil, then board the ship. The ship sails itself for now, so just enjoy the ride, and the ensuing cutscene.