Final Fantasy/Coneria Walkthrough

In Coneria Castle, you learn that Garland has kidnapped Princess Sara and the King is looking for the Light Warriors. Before heading to the Temple of Fiends where the Princess is held, you need to build up your Light Warriors. Go to Coneria Town just outside the castle. You begin with 400 gold, so you should have enough money to buy the following weapons/armor combinations for each Warrior:

  • Fighter: Rapier/Chain
  • Thief: Rapier/Wooden
  • Black Belt: Nunchuks/Wooden
  • Red Mage: Rapier/Chain
  • White Mage: Hammer/Cloth
  • Black Mage: Dagger/Cloth

Next comes level-building. Leave town, step outside the gates, and walk around. Most of the enemies you'll fight are Imps, who are easily dispatched. Grey Imps are slightly stronger, but still not much of a challenge. Wolves and their large packs will present a little more resistance. Mad Ponies are the toughest here, and may require you to run away the first couple of times. Build your characters up to Level 2 or 3, and use the gold obtained from your battles to buy a few Heal Potions in Coneria. You may also want to buy a Tent for resting up outside the Temple, but it's doubtful you'll need it. If you have spellcasters, focus on getting CURE and RUSE for your White Magic while considering HARM for later, and FIRE and SLEP for the Black, while keeping LIT in the back of your head for later.

Once you can beat Mad Ponies without too much trouble, head northwest to the Temple of Fiends. Buy a few Pure Potions first.