Fighting/Non-lethal Weapons

Non-lethal WeaponsEdit

  • tasers
  • stun guns


Tasers have far more stopping power than pepper sprays and are capable of incapacitating an opponent for a relatively longer period of time. However, you will need to get close to an opponent to use it, and results can vary with the emotional state of your opponent, their size, and what kind of clothes they are wearing. You should not rely on a taser to instantly incapacitate someone. Other than that, they can be slow tools in a fight.

OC and mace propellantsEdit

Pepper spray has very temporary effects, and while if sprayed in the eyes it will temporary blind anyone, a sufficiently angry, scared or inebriated opponent may not be as affected by this as the manufacturers would like you to suspect. While the spray is debilitating and painful, it lacks stopping power. Pepper spray should only be used as a delaying tactic, to allow you time to move to a defensible position or to escape.