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Field Guide/Birds/Amazon Rainforest

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More than 1,500 bird species are found in the Amazon Basin, while South America as a whole is home to roughly one-third the world's birds. Many birds found in the Amazon are northern or southern migrants. Macaws are famous for gathering by the hundreds, even thousands, along the clay cliffs of the Amazon river where they feed on minerals which help the birds process toxins found in the seeds they eat. The world's rarest bird is Spix's macaw, a beautiful bird with a dark blue head, a blue body, and a greenish belly with a black mask and bright yellow eye. It has always been rare,that stay in river edges in small area near the center of Brazil, but recent deforestation, importation of Africanized bees-which took their tree hollows, and over collection for the hobbyists caused this species declining.

Fun factsEdit

In 1987 only four birds remained in the wild