Fermat's Last Theorem/Bibliography

Bibliography edit

The development of this short book is based principally on the book: Fermat’s last theorem by Simon Singh ISBN 88-17-11291-7.

The book is an explanatory text that, like this small volume, retraces the history of the theorem. The book studies in depth the history of the scientists who encountered Fermat’s theorem even in an indirect way and studies in depth in a clear manner the fundamental mathematical aspects without becoming excessively technical.

For the realization of this book pages from Wikipedia were also used as reference regarding Fermat’s Theorem, the bibliographies of the scientists listed in the book and the mathematical subjects discussed in the book. The appendix is based almost entirely on articles from Wikipedia. In particular the articles on Pythagoras Theorem, the Principle of Induction, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic and the article on Modular Arithmetic were used to realize the chapters.