FOSS Government Policy/Acknowledgements

The author would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their valuable experience and insights. Peer reviewers for this document include Shahid Akhtar, Colin Charles, Dr. Nah Soo Hoe, Gopi Pradhan, Phet Sayo, Imran William Smith, Richard Stallman, Tan Wooi Tong, Atsushi Yamanaka and Raul Zambrano.

The author would also like to thank Sunil Abraham, Khairil Yusof and Helena Loh. Without their assistance, this primer could never have been written.

Additional thanks goes to the United Nations Development Programme and the International Development Research Centre. Their support has allowed this primer and others like it to be written and shared.

Finally, thanks goes out to the countless individuals and organizations that have contributed their time and resources into making the FOSS movement what it is today.