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PGCE Comments - TO DO LIST - Introduction - Unit Systems - The Importance of Units - Choice of Units - How to Change Units - How Units Can Help You - Temperature - Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, and Rounding - Conclusion

PGCE Comments edit

  • Explain what is meant by `physical quantity'. -- clark: In the Introduction section, I replaced 'physical quantity' with 'measurement of a physical phenomenon'. Don't know if that's much clearer, really.
  • Chapter is too full of tables and words need figures to make it more interesting.
  • Make researching history of SI units a small project.
  • Multiply by one technique: not positive! Suggest using exponents instead (i.e. use the table of prefixes). This also works better for changing complicated units (km·h−1 to m·s−1 etc....). Opinion that this technique is limited in its application.
  • Edit NASA story.
  • The Temperature section should be cut-down. SW: I have edited the original section but perhaps a more aggressive edit is justified with the details deferred until the section on gases.