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Biology is all about life - what affects it, what changes it, about how it's organized, about what makes it possible and predictable.

It can be easy to see how Biology applies to our bodies, or our immediate environment, but sometimes it is less easy to see how it applies to the bigger picture of the world around us. To help in understanding the bigger picture, there are a few things any student should remember:

  • Although Biology is taught in sections, each section has links to other sections. What you learn about the structure of a cell has links to how water-borne diseases spread. If you spend some time trying to see and understand these cross-links when you are learning and revising, you will be more able to see the bigger picture.
  • Similarly, Biology cannot be completely separated from any other science. It is connected to Maths, to Chemistry, to Physics, to Geography, even to Sociology and Philosophy. If you want to do well in Biology, don't be afraid of these other sciences!
  • Biology is not just about what you know, or can describe - it's also about what skills you have. Work hard to develop your skills and you will give yourself a better chance at figuring out the bigger picture. Skills can be used in unfamiliar situations; knowledge is more difficult to apply in unfamiliar situations.

Biology is fun, even though it can be hard work! We hope that as you study and learn, you will discover your own passion for this subject, and that what you learn will make a difference to your life on a daily basis.

Good luck!

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