FHSST Biology/Contents/To do


  1. Create template with either table of all entries at top, or back and forwards buttons linked to parent and children pages, also with links to glossary.

Useful Information

  1. Read through existing material and edit what is needed for Biology
  2. Create and write up Sc1 page on investigations (skills POAE)
  3. Write up revision skills page
  4. Write up glossary pages - possibly re-site the pages for ease of access??
  5. Find someone to translate glossary into Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, etc.
  6. Research, create and write up page on useful websites - e.g. Kevinsplayroom, etc., that have games/ additional helps.


  1. Create pages for index
  2. Check whether all content is actually required (i.e. is some of it covered in Geog, so would be duplicated here?) and edit as necessary
  3. Cut and paste info as possible (LOTS of editing needed for ESL audience) from other Wiki Life Sciences books (Acknowledge authors in contributors)
  4. Write up missing sections not cut and pasted.
  5. Find diagrams and images to use (copyright free)