Extemporaneous Speaking/Speech Structure

Structure of an Extemp SpeechEdit


College too expensive? Have kids? Or do you just not have the time?


There are many reasons why Americans today cannot fully complete or receive a college education.


So are online degrees as good as on campus degrees?


Most certainly so, yes.

Preview your pointsEdit

Because of convenience, cost, and the level of acceptance.

Point 1 (Convience)Edit

Present Evidence (stuff from the articles)Edit

If you have a family to feed, and errands to do during some points in your average day, attend college on a campus would be impossible. - USN & WR

Tie evidence to pointEdit

This is amazing to the America as a whole! A working adult can obtain a college education online from home without interrupting those attendees who have a busy schedule and lifestyle.

Impact – why is this important?Edit

Point 2 (Cost)Edit

Book costs have gone up 186% between 1986 and 2004. The average cost for a student buying all the textbooks needed for an on-campus education costs $900. Jason Turgeon, a Northeastern University student had to buy a textbook for $160. Overall he paid $500 for several textbooks for his classes. He is receiving an education via an on campus University. However, if young Jason attended an online University, he could go to textbookrevolution.org and download all his textbooks onto his computer or laptop FREE. As for cost of education, enrollment into an accredited online university costs $2540 less than on campus tuition.

An online education greatly reduces the cost for books and materials than that of an on campus education. You wouldn't need to go buy textbooks from a store for a total that could top $1000, you could just go to a legitimate and legal website and download the textbooks for free. Your tuition would be a low cost, and you wouldn't have to pay for room and board.

Point 3 (Other nations are ineffective at creating a solution)Edit

Just like pt. 1


Question / AnswerEdit

Repeat them just like in the introduction (So, when answering the question, Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?, the answer is obviously no.)

Repeat PointsEdit

Just like the preview (Because the Israeli military is too aggressive, there is a lot of antisemitism in the region, and other nations are ineffective at creating a solution.)

Tie back to attention getterEdit

Remind us once again of the opening of the speech and close it off. (So, the Middle East has become a lot like the playground at recess. Unfortunately, the kids at recess are a lot more likely to find a solution to their problems, and the Middle East is destined to be a conflict based more on hatred then disagreement.)

Speech timeEdit

Maximum 7 minutes, shoot for 6:30