Exercise as it relates to Disease/Effect of recreational aerobic exercise on Epilepsy


A neurological disorders distinguish by continues of seizures, including focal seizure, generalized seizure like a typical tonic-clonic seizure. And can be confirm and classified through doing clinical test--- EEG(electroencephalography) by recording and analyzing their brain wave.[1]

Cause of epilepsyEdit

It may be born or caused postnatal. Some of the postnatal causes are serious brain damage like stroke, injury or inflection. But out of most cases the causes are still unknown[2]

Trigger of epilepsyEdit

some common triggers of epilepsy are
Trigger from environment Trigger from inside the body
Specific time Hyponatremia/Hyperthermia
Flashing lights Sick(especially with fever)
medication or alcohol use
Hormone change


Treat of epilepsyEdit

Main treatment are to stay with anti-epileptic drugs.[4] The choice of drug depend on the type and syndrome of it.Normally one drug if enough, but if it is found not effective. It may need to change to an alternative drug.

Do and don'tsEdit

To take medication if people suspect they are having epilepsy. And notice the sport organizer or coach of team if they are having illness of epilepsy. And people should avoid sudden change of environment and know trigger that may trigger they epilepsy symptom. They should also be notice that as it is lot more dangerous to play water sports as if they have epilepsy in water if may cause chocking, so they need supervision whenever they play such sports. They should also avoid sport they will have colliding action as which might increase damage to their brain and have more serious epilepsy.


As lots of the triggers like Hyperthermia(too hot), hyponatremia(too cold), stress are related to sport. People should tell his/her companion about the illness, so they can be alert of it and know how to react. As well as stress are easily built in profession sport as which affects their income and their team, they should better avoid it. So the best option for epilepsy sufferer is to play recreational sport where they can enjoy the benefit of sports, reducing the risk of other sickness like cardiovascular problem,[5] while reducing the risk of having an epilepsy. And sport with violent body contact should also be avoided as such may increase the risk of having more serious epilepsy due to further injury.

Further readingEdit

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