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A Shaman is the tribal Priest of the more primitive races of Norrath, responsible both for healing his people and for communicating with the spirits of their ancestors. Members of the Barbarian, Troll, Ogre, Iksar, Vah Shir and Froglok races have often felt the call to become Shaman.

Shaman are usually called upon to fill many roles. As Priests, Shaman have the ability to heal their comrades, though their heals are not as powerful as those of Clerics and Druids. Shaman spells can enhance the physical characteristics of their allies and can increase both the speed and potency of physical attacks. Shaman are especially adept at curing their comrades, having access to the most potent cures and even being able to sometimes remove detrimental spells that others cannot. Some of the most powerful monsters are virtually impossible to defeat without Shaman to keep their allies cured.

Shaman also have a wide range of attack spells at their disposal. They have spells that can curse, poison or disease their opponents for varying lengths of time. Shaman also have some of the most powerful spells for reducing an opponent's defenses, being able to lower their enemies' resistance to both magical and physical attacks, weaken their opponents and greatly slow the rate of their attacks.

As a Shaman progresses, he gains access to a series of spells and abilities that allow him to covert his own life force into the energy he uses to fuel his spells. With a bit of effort, a high level Shaman can recover his power faster than any other spellcaster, even if he is lacking the spells boosting magical recovery that many other casters are rarely willing to venture forth without.

Finally, Shaman have the unique ability to create powerful potions. These potions can provide a wide variety of benefits to those that consume them. Shaman-created potions can heal or cure, they can provide a shield that damages any creature unwise enough to attack and some of the most powerful potions can even transport those that drink them to distant lands in the blink of an eye.

  • Armor: Chain
  • Weapons: Blunt and Spears
  • Class: Magic

Mostly wanted for

  • Slows
  • Buffs
  • Heals
  • DPS