EverQuest/Character classes/Ranger




Rangers are something of a cross between a fighter and a druid. Rangers are the best class at using a bow, and the best magic bows in the game can only be used by a ranger. Rangers also have innate resistance to the elements, getting +4 to both fire and cold resistance. Rangers have tracking ability and also can forage.

Rangers are a useful melee class and are sometimes called on to play the tank. Unable to dish out or take as much damage as a warrior, and limited in your weapon and armor selection, they are still able to hold their own. Due to the fact that as a class they tend to die a lot, Everquest players have a depth of jokes about rangers, often mockingly referred to as ranjas, which focus on their frequent need for resurrections.

  • Armor: Chain
  • Weapons: Almost any
  • Class: Melee/Range

mostly wanted for

  • Track
  • Snare
  • Pulling (especially outdoor)
  • DPS
  • fun while grouping ;)