Ethics for IT Professionals/Social Networking, Virtual reality and Crime

Cyber-bullying edit

Technology is an ever growing part of children's lives.they spend more and more time either text messaging or on social networking sites.because of this trend bully's have moved from not only being in the classroom but also in the home.Technology such as social networking sites, Instant Messaging(IM), and text messaging since children tend use these devices extremely different from their parents. Cyber-bullying is the harassment of one minor to another via technology.Cyberbullies torment their victims by using social devices in the following ways.

  • They may create fake profiles of their victims and post false, inappropriate information.
  • Sending threatening or hurtful to their victims
  • Logging into their victims social networks and modifying them to include inappropriate content.
  • Taking inappropriate pictures of their victims and then posting them on social websites and maybe the bullies personal blog.

Cyber bullying has led to many cases to many cases of suicide the most notable cases


Cyber-stalking edit

Cyber-stalking is similar to cyber

Virtual Worlds edit