Vocabulary (Sõnavara)

Pronunciation is written according to Pronunciation respelling key

Sõna IPA Word
ja [ee-a] and
laps [lap-s] child
mees [me-s] man
naine [NAEYE-ne] woman
poiss [poyss] boy
tüdruk [TEW-druk] girl
õun [own] apple
toit [toyt] food


Nominative Genitive Partitive
laps lapse last
mees mehe meest
poiss poisi poissi
tüdruk tüdruku tüdrukut
õun õuna õuna
toit toidu toitu
naine naise naist


Here are some phrases that do not include verbs.

Words that are in forms that haven't been learned yet are in blue and can be hovered over to reveal their meaning and case.

  • Mehe ja naise laps
    • The man and woman's child
  • Lapse õun
    • The child's apple
  • Naine, laps ja õun
    • Woman, child and apple
  • Poisi ja tüdruku toit
    • The boy's and girl's food