A postposition (tagasõna) fills the same role as a preposition in English, but it occurs after the word it modifies.

Tagasõnad Postpositions
Taga Behind
kõrval Near
Ees In front of
All Under
Sees Inside
Peal On
Vahel Between

In phrases

  • Laua peal : On the table
  • Diivani all : Under the couch
  • Karbi sees : Inside the box
  • Staadioni kõrval : Next to the stadium
  • Kapi taga : Behind the cupboard
  • kahe tooli vahel : Between two chair.

In tenses

  • Kell on seina peal
    • The clock is on the wall
  • Jari on ema kõrval
    • Jari is next to mother
  • Kruus on laua peal
    • The cup is on the table
  • Siga on akna juures
    • The pig is near the window
  • Ma panen vihiku laua peale
    • I am putting the notebook onto the table
  • Vihik on laua peal
    • The notebook is on the table
  • Ma võtan vihiku laua pealt
    • I take the notebook from the table