Esperanto/Starting vocabulary list

Here is a good starting vocabulary list to learn.

This is the wordlist given at the start of Vere aŭ Fantazie, by Claude Piron. It is the 400 or so words that a beginner should know after completing a beginner’s textbook or course, such as Gerda Malaperis. Piron assumes that you will already know all these words before starting to read Vere aŭ Fantazie, his collection of tales for progressing beginners.

Word Meaning
-a (adjective marker)
-as (verb present tense marker)
-e (adverb marker)
-i (verb infinitive marker)
-is (verb past tense marker)
-j (noun or adjective plural marker)
-n (accusative case marker)
-o (noun marker)
-os (verb future tense marker)
-u (verb imperative marker)
-us (verb conditional mood marker)
-ad- (suffix - continuing action)
-aĵ- (suffix - concrete thing)
-an- (suffix - member of a group)
-ant- (present active participle marker)
-ar- (suffix - group, collection)
-ebl- (suffix - possible: -able, -ible)
-ec- (suffix - quality: -ity, -ness, -ship)
-eg- (suffix - augmentative, bigger/more)
-et- (suffix - diminutive: smaller/less)
-ej- (suffix - place, location, room)
-ig- (suffix - to cause to be, to make happen)
-iĝ- (suffix - becoming, coming to a changed state) suffix
-il- (suffix - tool, means of)
-in- (suffix - female)
-ind- (suffix - worth doing, worthy of)
-ist- (suffix - one having a profession or hobby, holding to a system of thought or belief)
-obl- (suffix - multiple)
-on- (suffix - fraction)
-uj- (suffix - container)
-ul- (suffix - person)
dis- (prefix - in different directions)
ek- (prefix - (sudden) start, beginning)
ge- (prefix - both genders)
mal- (prefix - opposite)
mis- (prefix - wrong, mistaken: mis-)
re- (prefix - repeat, again: re-)
aĉeti to buy (v)
aero air (n)
afero affair, matter, thing (n)
agi to act (v)
akcepti to accept (v)
akvo water (n)
al to, toward (prep)
alia other (adj)
alta high, tall (adj)
ami to love (v)
ankaŭ also, as well (adv)
ankoraŭ still, yet (adv)
antaŭ before, in front of (adv)
aperi to appear (v)
apud by, next to, near (prep)
arto art (n)
atendi to wait (for), expect (v)
or (conj)
aŭdi to hear
aŭskulti to listen (v)
aŭto car (n)
baldaŭ soon (prep)
bela fine, lovely (adj)
bezoni to need
bildo picture, image (n)
bona good, fine (adj)
celi to aim (v)
cent 100
certa certain (adj)
ĉambro room (n)
ĉar because (conj)
ĉe at (prep)
ĉefa chief, main (adj)
ĉi (denotes proximity: here, this, these, etc.)
ĉia every kind of
ĉiam always, ever
ĉie everywhere
ĉio everything, all
ĉiu each, every
ĉu (1) whether (2) is it that...?
da of (quantity) (prep)
danki to thank (v)
daŭri to last, continue (v)
de of, from, by since (prep)
decidi to decide (v)
dek 10
dekstra right, right-hand (adj)
demandi to ask (a question) (v)
devi to be obliged to, to have to (v)
deziri to desire, wish (for) (v)
dika thick, fat (adj)
direkti to direct, guide (v)
diri to say (v)
diversa diverse, various (adj)
do so, therefore (conj)
doktoro doctor (academic or medical) (n)
dolĉa sweet (adj)
domo house, buildling (n)
doni to give (v)
dormi to sleep (v)
du 2
dum during, for, while (prep)
even (adv)
edzo husband (n)
ekster outside (prep)
ekzemplo example (n)
ekzisti to exist (v)
el from, out of (prep)
en in, into (prep)
esperi to hope
esti to be (v)
facila easy (adj)
fako department, speciality, subject (n)
familio family (n)
fali to fall (v)
fari to make, to do (v)
fenestro window (n)
fermi to close (v)
filo son (n)
flanko side (n)
fini to finish (v)
flugi to fly (v)
fojo time, occasion
for away (prep)
forgesi to forget (v)
forta strong (adj)
foto photograph (n)
frato brother (n)
frua early (adj)
funkcii to function, work (v)
glaso drinking-glass (n)
granda big (adj)
grava serious, important (adj)
grupo group (n)
ĝenerala general (adj)
ĝi it (pron)
ĝis until (prep)
ĝusta right, correct (adj)
havi to have (v)
hejmo home (n)
helpi to help (v)
hieraŭ yesterday (adv)
historio story, history (n)
homo person, human (n)
horo hour, time (n)
hodiaŭ today (adv)
ia some kind of, any kind of
ial for some reason
iam sometime, ever
ie somewhere, anywhere
iel in some way, anyhow
ideo idea (n)
ili they, them (pron)
infano child (n)
informi to inform (v)
instrui to teach (v)
inter between (prep)
inviti to invite (v)
io something
iom some, somewhat, to any extent
iu someone, anyone; some/any definite thing
malfeliĉa unhappy, unfortunate (adj)
jam already, yet, by now (adv)
jaro year (n)
je (indefinite preposition)
jen here, look, behold
jes yes
juna young (adj)
ĵeti to throw (v)
kaj and (conj)
kampo field, area (n)
kanti to sing (v)
kapti to catch, capture (v)
kara dear, beloved (adj)
kaŝi to hide (v)
ke that (conj)
kelka some, several (adj)
kia what kind of, what sort of
kial why
kiam when
kie where
kies whose
kio what
kiu who, which
kiel how
kiom how much
klara clear (adj)
knabo boy (n)
koloro colour, dye (n)
komenci to begin (v)
kompreni to understand (v)
koni to know, to be acquainted (v)
konsenti to consent, agree
kontenta content, happy (adj)
kontraŭ against (prep)
kosti to cost
kredi to believe (v)
krom apart from, except (prep)
kun with (prep)
kuŝi to lie (v)
kvar 4
kvin 5
la the (art.)
labori to work (v)
lakto milk (n)
lando land, country (n)
larĝa wide, broad (adj)
lasi to leave (v)
lasta last, latter (adj)
legi to read
lerni to learn (v)
letero letter (post) (n)
li he, him (pron)
libera free (adj)
libro book (n)
lingvo language (n)
loko place (n)
longa long (adj)
ludi to play (v)
manĝi to eat (v)
maniero manner (n)
manki to be missing (v)
mano hand (n)
maro sea (n)
mateno morning (n)
mem -self, itself (pron)
memori to remember
meti to put (v)
mezo middle (n)
mi I, me (pron)
mil 1000
milito war (n)
minuto minute (n)
miri to admire, wonder (v)
monato month (n)
mondo world (n)
mono money (n)
montri to show (v)
morgaŭ tomorrow (adv)
morti to die (v)
movi to move (v)
multa many (adj)
nacio nation, country (n)
naski to give birth to (v)
naskiĝi to be born
naturo nature, character (n)
naŭ 9
ne no, not (negative)
necesa necessary (adj)
nenia no kind of
neniam never
nenie nowhere
neniel nohow, in no way
nenio nothing
neniu no, no-one
ni we, us (pron)
nokto night (n)
nomo name (n)
nova new, novel (adj)
numero number (n)
nun now (adv)
nur only, just (adv)
ofte often (adv)
ok 8
okazi to happen, take place
ol than (comparative)
oni one (pron)
opinio opinion (n)
organizi to organise (v)
pagi to pay (v)
paĝo page (n)
pano bread (n)
papero paper (n)
pardoni to pardon, forgive (v)
paroli to speak (v)
parto part, share (n)
patro father (n)
peco piece (n)
pensi to think (v)
per with, by means of (prep)
perdi to lose (v)
permesi to permit, allow (v)
persono person (n)
peti to ask for (v)
piedo foot (n)
plaĉi to please, be pleasing (v)
plej most (comparative)
plena full (adj)
pli more (comparative)
plu more, further (adv)
popolo people, population (n)
por for (prep)
pordo door (n)
porti to wear, carry (v)
post after (prep)
poŝto post, mail (n)
povi to be able to (v)
preni to take (v)
preskaŭ almost (adv)
prezenti to present (v)
pri about, concerning (prep)
pro for, through, because of (prep)
problemo problem (n)
proksima near, proximate (adj)
pura clean, pure (adj)
provi to try (v)
rakonti to tell, recount (v)
radio radio (n)
rajto right, permission (n)
rapida fast, quick (adj)
raporti to report (v)
renkonti to meet, encounter (v)
respondi to respond, answer (v)
resti to stay (v)
ricevi to receive (v)
rilati to relate, be related to (v)
ridi to laugh (v)
rigardi to look at, watch (v)
riĉa rich (adj)
rimarki to notice, remark (v)
rompi to break (v)
saluti to greet (v)
sama same (adj)
sana well, healthy (adj)
scienco science (n)
scii to know (v)
se if (conj)
sed but (conj)
seĝo chair (n)
sekvi to follow (v)
semajno week (n)
sen without (prep)
sendi to send (v)
senti to feel (emotion, state of mind) (v)
sep 7
serĉi to search (v)
servi to serve (v)
ses 6
si (indefinite third person pronoun, referring back to subject)
sidi to sit, sit down (v)
simila similar (adj)
simpla simple (adj)
sinjoro gentleman, sir, Mr (n)
situacio situation (n)
skribi to write (v)
sola sole, only, alone (adj)
soni to sound, make a sound (v)
stari to stand (v)
studi to study (v)
strato street (n)
sub under, below, underneath (prep)
sufiĉa enough, sufficient (adj)
sukcesi to succeed (v)
suno sun (n)
super over, above (prep)
supre overhead, upstairs (adv)
sur on, upon (prep)
ŝajni to seem (v)
ŝanĝi to change (v)
ŝati to like, appreciate (v)
ŝi she, her (pron)
ŝipo ship (n)
tablo table (n)
tago day (n)
teatro theatre (n)
tempo time (n)
tamen however, nevertheless (adv)
teni to hold (v)
tero earth (n)
tia that kind of
tiam then, at that time
tie there, that place
tiel thus, in that way
tial for that reason, therefor
tio that, that thing
tiom that amount, that much
tiu that one
timi to fear (v)
tra through (prep)
trans across (prep)
tre very (adv)
tro too much, too (adv)
tri 3
triki to knit (v)
trovi to find (v)
tuj immediately, at once (adv)
tuta whole, entire (adj)
unu 1
urbo town (n)
uzi to use (v)
valori to be worth (v)
vendi to sell (v)
veni to come (v)
varma warm (adj)
vera true, real (adj)
vespero evening (n)
vi you, your (pron)
veturi to ride, drive (v)
vidi to see (v)
viro man (n)
vivi to live (v)
viziti to visit
vojaĝi to travel (v)
vojo road, way, path (n)
voli to want (v)
vorto word (n)
zorgi to care, worry (v)