Eric 6 User's Guide/Getting Started/UI Tour

There are four major panels in the User Interface: Left, Right, Bottom and Central Park.

Central Park is the focus of most of the attention. It contains a multi-tab editor, based on QScintilla, to display, edit and debug code.

Central Park is flanked by:

Left panel (aka West Side, Left Side or Left Sidebar) which hosts:

  • Project Viewer
  • Multi-Project Viewer
  • Template Viewer
  • File Browser
  • Symbols

Right panel (aka East Side, Right Side, Right Sidebar) which contains:

  • Code Documentation Viewer
  • Debug Viewer
  • PyPl
  • Conda
  • Cooperation Viewer
  • IRC
  • MicroPython

Bottom panel (South Side, Bottom Side, Bottom Sidebar) which sports:

  • Shell
  • Task Viewer
  • Log Viewer
  • Numbers Viewer
  • Plugins: Time Tracker, Translation

Just above and to the right of the panels is an extensive set of configurable toolbars.

Atop it all is a traditional (though extensive) menu system.