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Introduction edit

This book was set up by Dr Jo-Anne Murray of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Murray has a PhD in Equine Nutrition, a Masters in E-learning, a PgDip in Animal Nutrition, a PgCert in University Teaching and a BSc in Equine Science. Dr Murray is also a fully qualified British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor, a registered nutritionist with the British Nutrition Society and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr Murray also leads the Equine Science programme at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and teaches animal nutrition to students undertaking the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery programme. The aim of this book is to provide an open, trustworthy educational resource on equine nutrition.

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Book outline

  1. Introduction to Equine Nutrition
  2. Digestive anatomy and physiology
  3. Metabolism
  4. Feed chemistry
  5. Feed evaluation
  6. Carbohydrates
  7. Lipids
  8. Proteins
  9. Vitamins
  10. Minerals
  11. Nutrient requirements
  12. Nutrient sources
  13. Gut health
  14. Clinical nutrition
  15. Nutritional supplements
  16. References