Environmental theory and collection of ideas/Eco friendly economical life

  • There are some trivial advice for eco-friendly and economical life: usage of renewable energy sources and other eco-friendly products, spending less on other things, gathering waste selectively and selling some kinds of it, investing in environmentalism. These advice, however, might still not be enough to make our lifestyle more eco-friendly than that of the people living in Nature. New advice that is eco-friendly and economical at the same time, is always welcome. On the other hand, if we want to protect the environment even more, then we might go into a worse economic state - but this is not necessarily a problem.
  • There is something we can learn from gambling: the more money we want to win, the higher the risk is. Can we possibly choose a life strategy where luck is on our side? Yes, if our goal is right. If our goal is not too big, then we can usually reduce the risks, and thus we can reach our goals more easily. Therefore it is important to think about the most important goals in our lives, and if it is possible, concentrate on reaching those goals. In our age, the 21st century, perfect environmentalism counts as a very large goal, so here too, it can be worth selecting what parts of Nature are more important to save than the others.
  • Even if long-term projects do not give us enough joy, we can probably improve our real-life situation by little steps which do. Such little steps can be, for example, games which improve our mental or physical powers (like scientifically tested memory games, archery, or table tennis), or collecting free things, especially downloading free documents from the Internet which can help in our lives (for example, books about health and wealth, or about environmentalism and economy). Apart from owning an electronic library, for the less busy people it is probably a good idea to own some houseplants, too (like Aloe Vera), and make them proliferate freely, creating value. The mould may cost some money, but the pot can be from a reused PET bottle too.
  • If we sort and get rid of our objects from time to time, we can win some empty space, we can be more mobile, and we can even take advantage of these objects by exchanging them for something else, or by giving them away and collect gratitude. Apart from that, getting rid of things has spiritual and secret-keeping significance too. During sorting, our memories come back once again, we evaluate them, we rediscover the valuable, and get rid of the useless, to make our spirit more easily get rid of it, too. If we forget about something in our lives, it is better if it is hidden from others as well. It is possible that the process of forgetting is like getting younger. It is worth of doing a similar cleanup to our files stored on the computer and messages stored on the Internet, with a special regard to those which are wrong. This way we can more easily find the important data, too, if necessary. Sorting and getting rid of things does good to the environment because there is less need for mining due to the recycled material.

Call for more ideas presented as shortly as these!

Further readingEdit

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