English as an Additional Language/Possessives

We use possessives when we talk about things which are owned by somebody or a direct relation to someone or something. In many languages it is common to talk about possession using a structure like 'object of subject' where the object is owned or possessed by the subject. This is possible in English but it generally sounds unnatural - This is the garden of my mum.

Usually in English we use possessives - This is my mum's garden

Singular PossessivesEdit

This is simple. Simply add 's to the end of the noun if the owner or possessor is singular (I only have one mother).

  • Tom's pen
  • Ross's new house
  • Sarah's DVD player
  • The dog's dinner (dinner of one dog)

Plural PossessivesEdit

If the owner or possessor is plural - i.e. many people own it - then we add the ' after the 's' of the plural noun.

  • The dogs' dinner (dinner of many dogs)