English Tort Law

Style Guide and Authors

Style Guide

  • Please follow the style guide. Changes to the guide should be proposed on the Talk page for agreement of consensus between contributors.
  • This book is about torts within English law, which is one of three legal systems of the UK. Generally the material should avoid Scots Law and Northern Irish Law, unless relevant to the development of English law. An example is the Scots law case of Donoghue v Stevenson, which has had a major impact on English law.
  • The writing style used in the book is British English. If content is added in other varieties of English, it will be changed to British English.
  • This book is designed to be fully self contained. It is not an encyclopedia article and there are more minimal links to Wikipedia. Where it is necessary to explain a legal term, it should be linked to an entry in the Glossary within the book.
  • The book is also designed to be used in conjunction with the Wikiversity course on English Tort Law.
  • The book uses minimal in-line references; please add the full citation in the Bibliography, not within the individual chapters. This also applies to bare URLs and external links - put them in the Bibliography.


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