English Grammar Worksheet/Verb to be

Fill in the blanks.

  1. You are very naughty.
  2. I am studying English.
  3. We are trying to finish a worksheet.
  4. My dog is very playful.
  5. He isn't sad when he heard the news.
  6. Is he going to England next summer?
  7. Do you think you are suitable for this programme?
  8. I want to going a lawyer because I am interested in law.
  9. Are you crazy?
  10. He isn't sleeping when the dog was killed.

Correct the following mistakes.

  1. You am my child.
  2. My best friend be called Amy.
  3. Where will you are this afternoon?
  4. They is reading their books quietly.
  5. Britain was trying to protect Poland.
  6. Mrs. Smith were very angry.
  7. Why are your behaviour so bad?
  8. The police am always obedient.