English Grammar Worksheet/Conjuction

Fill in the blanks using the correct connectives.

I went to the cinema last night _____ watched a great movie. David wanted to watch the movie too, _____ he had to do his homework. _____ Alice, Jack, _____ I also saw the movie. _____ Alice and I enjoyed the movie very much, Jack hates it; _____, he promised he will go to the movies with us again another day.

Nowadays, most young children have mobile phones. _____, are mobile phones really good for them? _____ the experts _____ the parents agreed the mobile phones are bad because they think that the mobile phones will affect the children's health. _____ they use it too often, they may become stupid. _____ parents are careful about their children's usage of the mobile phones, the consequences may be dangerous.

I was sitting in the living room _____ watching the television _____ Mom told me to have dinner. Pizza Hut was closed, _____ we had to eat Chinese food. Dad hates Chinese food. He hated _____ the fried rice _____ the noodles. _____, he refused to eat any food _____ Mom cooked other kinds of food. I tried to be helpful _____ giving Dad some bread _____ butter, but he refused to eat it. '_____ the food is cooked by Mom, I will not eat it,' he explained. Mom had to cook some spaghetti _____ of Dad's behavior and demand.