English Grammar/Subject and Predicate/Subject and Predicate

Every sentence can be divided into two parts. One is called the subject and the other is called the predicate. The subject of the sentence consist of the one who does the action, the predicate consists of the action and the things being acted on. Example: Sarah went to school

In this sentence, “Sarah” would be the subject of the sentence, while the predicate would be “went to school”

Finding the Subject and Predicate of a sentence


The subject of a sentence is the noun that does the action, The subject is often at the start of the sentence however it can also occur elsewhere Example: Greater was he than the rest.

In this sentence, the subject of the sentence is "He". The first criteria for determining the subject is to ask " Who/what did the action? " For example, in the sentence, The cow Jumped over the moon

The cow is the one who completed the action and is therefore the subject of the sentence. The predicate of a sentence is the parts of the sentence which are not the subject. This includes the verb, the direct object , the indirect object and the preposition.