Elementary Spanish/Unit1.1

Unit 1: Elementary Spanish

In this Unit, we will focus on the themes of personal experience and family tradition.


Introduction to infinitive nouns and verbs
Introduction to contextualized language, interpreting meanings
Intro to present tense

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Use these question and answer prompts to introduce yourself to your peers.
Español Inglés
¿Como te llamas? What's your name?
Me llamo _________________.
Mi nombre es ____________________.
I am called ________________.
My name is ____________________.
¿De dónde eres? Where are you from?
Soy de ______________________. I am from ____________________.

Next, we'll read through the Featured Story for this lesson: La Bicicleta. This story focuses on a personal childhood experience.

Try to use the pictures to interpret and infer meanings from the text. While reading, try to identify different parts of speech within the story as well, determining, or guessing, which words are nouns and which are verbs.

Featured Story: La Bicicleta

Recognition and Modelling

In this section, we'll begin a more focused practice on nouns and verbs.

Working through these activities, we will gain better familiarty with nouns and verbs used within the story, as well as grammatical explanations for their implementation.

Noun and Verb Activities

In this section, we'll get more familiar with nouns and articles.

Noun Practice

Verb Practice

In this section, we'll get more familiar with nouns and articles.

1. Activity 1
The first activity is a picture matching activity, where you will guess which picture matches the correct word.

2. Grammar Review Part 1
Read the section on nouns and articles, then, read the story again and try to find examples.

In this section, we'll get more familiar with verbs.

1. Activity 1
In the first activity, you'll read a sentence in Spanish and view the infinitive form of the verb, and select the appropriate picture.

2. Activity 2
In the next activity, you'll analyze sentences from the story to determine the infinitive forms of each verb.

For the following activity, you will use context clues to determine the appropriate verb for each sentence.

3. Grammar Review Part 2
Next, we will review grammatical concepts associated with verbs in Part 2 of the Grammar Review. Here, we will also begin to familiarize ourselves with subject pronouns in relation to the verbs of the story.

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