Goals edit

By the end of this lesson you will know useful words related to summer.

Lesson edit

Let's begin with some vocabulary building excercises.

Exercise 1: Picture matching edit

[ Picture match activity]

This is an interactive lesson where your goal is to select the picture that matches the phrase at the top of the screen. If you click on the wrong picture it will gray out and you can click again to choose another picture. If you want to start the lesson over just reload the page.

Exercise 2: Audio lesson edit

[Placeholder for audio lesson activity]

This is an audio lesson. You can either listen online and read the transcript as you go, or you can download the lesson and listen to it on your phone or music player.

Exercise 3: Example dialogue edit

Synopsis edit

In the following dialogue a mother and her young daughter make summer plans as they head to the hardware store for gardening supplies.

Look out for “muchisimo.” –isimo is added to the “mucho” to mean “a lot.” Try to figure out what “jardin” and “plantas” means by looking for the root word.

Dialogue edit

Hija: ¿Vamos a el parque?

Mamá: No. Ahora vamos a la tienda de detalles para comprar plantas para el jardín.

Hija: ¡Jardineria!

Mama: Si, este verano será precioso. No ocupamos ir al parque para tener un picnic. Lo podemos tener en nuestro jardín.

Hija: Yo tendré muchos excursiones entre las plantas de tomates.

Mama: Con muchísimo cuidado. Las plantas son delicadas.

Hija: Mami! Estoy sudando.

Mama: Ponte este hielo el la frente.

Hija: Gracias mami!

Vocabulary words edit

  • picnic-picnic
  • gardening-jardineria
  • vacation-vacaciones
  • roadtrip-excursiones
  • park- parque
  • sweating-sudando
  • ice-hielo
  • summer-verano
  • hardware store – tienda de detalles